The Most Expensive Shoe in the World of All the Time

Most Expensive Shoe in the World

While spending money on shoes is nothing new, the world’s most costly shoes can cost millions of dollars.

These shoes, whether encrusted in precious stones or worn by an all-star athlete, go above and above in terms of luxury footwear. Some are even deemed too valuable to wear.

The world’s most expensive shoes have their own category in the luxury market. These shoes, which are frequently sold at auction rather than in stores, are much more than just shoes.

The most expensive shoes might be works of art or perhaps require storage in a safe. The most costly shoes in the world are listed here. Check out our list to see which luscious combos made the cut.

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1. Moon Star Shoes by Antonio Vietri – $19.9 million

Most Expensive Shoe in the World

This is the primary event, the first on the schedule. Please pardon the pun, but these shoes are literally out of this world.

You do it in style if you’re going to show off a world-record-breaking shoe. For example, as part of MIDE (Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates) Fashion Week, these were unveiled to the public for the first time aboard a yacht in Dubai.

It has a solid gold heel, 30 carats of diamonds, and a piece of Argentinian meteorite from the 16th century. According to the Daily Mail, it was inspired by the Burj Khalifa tower, which stands 163 stories tall.

2. $17 million Passion Jewellers x Jada Dubai Diamond Shoes

Most Expensive Shoe in the World

It’s difficult to surpass a pair of $15 million stilettos, yet two high-end luxury manufacturers collaborated to do so. This specific pair is constructed of gold and set with perfect D diamonds, two of which are 15 carats each.

Passion Jewellers’ CEO commented on the collection, stating it reflects “the essence of the Royal Dream, being formed of limited-edition clocks developed for the modern high-society woman.” You may see them on exhibit at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

3. High Heels by Debbie Wingham – $15.1 million

Debbie Wingham began her career in fashion, then broadened her interests to include cakes, before combining the two to make the world’s most costly pair of shoes for a period.

Most Expensive Shoe in the World

These $15 million heels appear to be both a delightful pleasure and the near-peak of high-fashion footwear.

Hundreds of hours, a few precious stones, and a lot of gold went into making these shoes, right down to the 18K gold thread used in the sewing.

It’s worth mentioning that Wingham’s sweets are more expensive than her shoes. One buyer paid $64 million for a diamond-encrusted cake.

4. President Bush’s Shoes Cost $10 Million’

This would be a joke if it wasn’t so easy to verify. However, at least one Saudi Arabian citizen believes the shoes used in an attempted assassination of a former president are worth $10 million.

Ramazan Baydan, a Turkish cobbler, claims credit for the Ducati Model 271’s craftsmanship. There are a few more makers in different parts of the world, but that didn’t stop Baydan’s shop from receiving requests for the “Bush Shoes,” and it certainly didn’t stop Hassan Mohammad Makhafa from bidding $10 million for the original pair with plans to keep them forever.

5. $3 million Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Most Expensive Shoe in the World

These jewel-encrusted shoes took Harry Winston two months to produce in 1989 to mark the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz.” To be loyal to the film, the shoes were constructed in a size 4 and have 25 carats of diamonds and 1,350 carats of rubies.

The most unexpected aspect of this pair is that the original shoes from the movie sold for less at auction. Although the $660,000 they sold for is certainly a substantial price, this is one of the few instances where the remake is more expensive than the original


Everyone knows someone who is shoe-obsessed. You might even be the person who is constantly interested in hearing about the latest Yeezys or Jordans. However, you’ve probably never seen shoes like these before.

These are the most costly shoes in the world, thanks to high-fashion designer names, very brilliant artists, and the world’s most valuable jewels.


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