Which are the Most Conservative Countries in the World 2022?

Most Conservative Countries

The term “conservative” is frequently used in discussions about politics or religion, but what does it mean? Someone who is conservative possesses conventional attitudes and beliefs. A conservative personality is apprehensive of change.

A conservative person, for example, may oppose divorce, abortion, and other contentious issues. A conservative individual is often resistant to change.

People all throughout the world hold opposing opinions and values, and many of them are more legendary. However, determining the precise number of conservatives worldwide is difficult.

The most conservative countries have been identified through studies, publications, and research. Pakistan has been dubbed the world’s most conservative country.

This data demonstrates that this country has the largest gender gap and has performed poorly in terms of corruption and individual education access.

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1. Pakistan

Most Conservative Countries

Pakistan is a South Asian country. It is the world’s fifth most populous country, with a population of about 212.2 million people, the world’s second-largest Muslim population, and the world’s second-worst country for women’s gender equality, educational attainment, and professional advancement.

Pakistan is the only country that was founded on the basis of Islam. It also placed 144th out of 180 countries examined in the Environmental Performance Index.

Pakistan’s civil society is highly hierarchical, with local cultural etiquette and traditional Islamic norms guiding personal and political life. Until the twenty-first century, the private print media, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), and state-owned Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) for radio were the most powerful media outlets.

2. Ethiopia

Most Conservative Countries

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in the heart of Africa. It has one of the lowest scores in the world for a path to advanced education, and it was also ranked 40th in the WEF Gender Gap Report, placing it 10th in Movehub’s ranking.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s EPRDF-led administration promoted ethnic federalism by delegating major responsibilities to regional, ethnically based authorities.

Citizens have little access to media other than state-owned outlets, and most private newspapers struggle to stay open while facing state pressure.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), formerly known as Ethiopian Television (ETV), is a government-owned political station. Ethio telecom, the country’s sole internet service provider, is the country’s state telecoms business.

3. Egypt

Most Conservative Countries

Egypt is a transcontinental country that spans the Sinai Peninsula, which connects Africa’s northeast edge to Asia’s southwest ridge. It is one of the least free countries in the world, with severely low scores on the Social Progress Index for personal equities, safety, and access to advanced tuition.

It is also among the Gender Gap Report’s top 15 countries. Egypt was a major center of Christianity in the early centuries, but it was primarily Islamized in the seventh century and is now primarily Muslim, with a sizable Christian minority.

Egypt adopted a law in September 2018 allowing authorities the right to monitor social media users in order to tighten internet censorship. The military is powerful in Egypt’s political and economic life, and it is exempt from rules that apply to other industries.

4. Iran

Most Conservative Countries

Iran is a Western Asian country. It is in the bottom six countries in the Gender Gap Report, behind Chad, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. This, paired with a Social Progress Index score of very low personal liberties, makes it the world’s third most traditional country.

The state controls all broadcasting from Iranian soil, and it represents official ideology. Online and in the printed press, a broader spectrum of viewpoints can be found.

Many pro-reform publications, on the other hand, have been shut down, and its writers and editors have been imprisoned.

Iran has been dubbed “one of the five largest jails for journalists in the world” by media freedom campaigners. Iran’s politics are conducted within an official framework that mixes aspects of theocracy and presidential democracy.

5. Saudi Arabia

Most Conservative Countries

Saudi Arabia is a Western Asian country that occupies the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. According to the Gender Gap Report, Saudi Arabia is the fourth most unequal country in the world, with severe gender-based rules governing everything from dress restrictions to leaving the country.

In the Social Progress Index, Saudi Arabia scores only 9.1 out of 100 in the category of personal liberty.

The state has been chastised for a number of reasons, including its role in the Yemeni Civil War, failure to adopt adequate anti-human-trafficking measures, sponsorship of Islamic terrorism, and its poor human rights record.

It is characterized by a lack of women’s rights, excessive and often extrajudicial use of first punishment, state-sponsored discrimination against religious minorities and atheists, and state-sanctioned prejudice.


We used data from three studies to produce this ranking of the world’s most conservative countries. The World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report, the Environmental Performance Index, and the Social Progress Index were all used to compile this list.

Religious tolerance, journalistic freedom, and gender equality are all measured in these research. Finland, Iceland, and Sweden, on the other hand, are the most liberal countries.