Taiwanese Drama More Than Blue : Ending Explained


What is the ending of More Than Blue? To answer this question, we need to go back to the beginning. In episode one, we meet a girl who has been abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandmother. She’s always felt like she was living in someone else’s shadow and never really belonged anywhere.

One day, she meets a boy at school who seems just as lost as she feels – but he also makes her feel special for the first time ever. He gives her hope that maybe there’s something waiting for them out there beyond their small-town life and suffocating family ties.


More Than Blue: Explained

Based on the Korean and Taiwanese films of the same name, Gingle Wang, Fandy Fan, and Ivy Shao star in Netflix’s account of this story.

The film was a huge hit in Korea, particularly among women. ‘ ‘ is the main title of the film, which refers to K and Cream, two orphans who discover one another. However, Cream is unaware of K’s disease, which he tries to conceal from her in order for her to be happy when he passes away. He makes every effort to locate a suitable match for Cream before he dies.

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The film was also re-made in Taiwan under the same name in 2018. The 10-part Netflix series . Here’s everything you could anticipate from the series, as well as some spoilers.

More Than Blue: Plot

When a young woman, A-Lin, starts performing with the E-Shine Records band, she is quickly discovered to have limited vocal abilities. Motivated by this discovery and their desire to see her succeed as a singer, An Yi-Chi and Wang Po-Han enlist the help of two friends from school in order to assist them to find They come across a diamond in the rough while listening to unreleased songs.

It’s a terrible ballad written by K and Cream, who are now in need of publishing rights. Po-Han is already aware that Cream has perished from leukemia, and no one knows her current location. We revisit his life with Cream after K’s diary is found by Yi-Chi, as we follow his narrative through the pages.

We see K’s life in high school through the end of his parent with a terminal illness and an absentee mother. Meanwhile, Cream is left alone after her parents are killed in a vehicle accident.


The two end up together and go on to become one of the world’s most renowned singer-songwriting duos. It was originally performed by the Jimi Hendrix Experience on the 1967 album Are You Experienced?

They recorded it in Nashville, Tennessee. Although Cream is known for its psychedelic rock sound, it provided a bluesy style to match the song’s name. Dave, They see each other as soulmates, and they even move in together. However, just when everything appears to be going smoothly, there is some devastating news.

About More Than Blue: K’s Secret

Cream knows well of Iron’s anxiety about being left behind. He does not inform Cream when he is diagnosed with leukemia. He adores her, but he is concerned that she will be abandoned when he departs. Instead, he resolves to assist her in finding a suitable and healthy partner who would keep her company while he’s away.

When she tells him what he wants for her, he exclaims, “I know; I want you to be happy!” Cream tells K one day that she has fallen in love with a doctor as if to fulfill this desire of his. The cream is devastated, yet she is relieved for him.

K gets his wife to break up with him after convincing her that Cream is in love with the physician. Laying down next to her is the photographer, who adds, in exchange for this great favor, he’ll have to submit for photos in her exhibit on “death and desire.”

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The cream is quickly revealed to have known about K’s condition the whole time. She had made up a story about being in love with the doctor to ease K’s concerns. She had already found K’s meds and chosen to have some fun with them.

Ending Explained:

A-Lin, a member of YG has provided the song. After that, K and Cream publish it. The lyrics are about K’s final hours. In flashbacks, we see that K performs the song for Cream as they enjoy a private moment recalling their adventures.

The song’s origin is revealed in the present when the radio announcer notes that it was created by K just days before his death. With everyone mourning their own personal tragedy, the conclusion is a tearjerker.

Even as the consensus was that Cream had dissipated after K’s death, she is seen standing over his grave while being followed by a shot of the two embracing each other, implying she may have also killed herself.

here is the trailer of the movie do watch it.


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