Montreal focused on Harrell Lockers, not junk talk from clippers

In front Los Angeles Lakers L.A. were among the pre-opening players of both teams on Friday night. Faced with the Clippers, the sixth man of the year, Montreal Harrell, went and talked with his former teammates Lou Williams and Patrick Beverly, exchanging sweets with the two teammates he had. Personal success in the last three seasons.

Who are the remaining players and staff he has ever spent the most important part of his NBA career on? Well, he went and talked to them after the game, but did not take any further action from Staples Center Hallways, passed his new location in the lockers locker room, and went to the Clippers locker room he called home last year. Harrell admitted after the game that he still has “a lot of emotions” The team he felt did not want to get him back.

“But nothing significant,” he confirmed.

Although this is a pre-season game, he is trying to focus on his new job, with his new team.

“I came here tonight with the mindset that I have work to do. I’ve with my team here, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers, ”Harrell said. “It didn’t come out, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ He laughs at it. No. I had a job and I have a mindset of what I came to do. ”

That’s what Harrell did, The Lakers served as a standout in the 87-81 win With 19 points and 9 rebounds when shooting 5-13 from the field. His tireless intensity emerged from the screen in a game with a large number of players who did not play the usual minutes on a team, in addition to players clearly trying to get their feet down. But Harrell does not have a middle ground. When he is on the court, he has all the power, all the time.

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Trying to make Harrell’s job harder – among other things – Beverly. Both the Lockers and Clippers benches were talking enough rubbish to be noticeable on the court to the players, but Beverly’s was the most unique moment, showing his character complete coolness by celebrating the missed advance jumper. Like it from Harrell The Portland Trail was shot late in the match against the Blazers.

But Harrell did not allow it – either Kavi Leonard does the same – Trouble him. He turned to the clippers, remembering the particularly hot edge microphone screaming “Hell no, f — no” during the missed transition jumper from Terence Man.

Again, this was it An advance Sports.

But it wasn’t just some skills of laser-sharp focus from Harrell that allowed him to clear Beverly’s sequel. He has been a teammate with Beverly for many years now, so he not only sees how he always is, but also plays against him in countless pick-up games and practices, so he got used to his former team fire.

“It’s not me, man. He’s the same bot. When I shoot on the other team (in screammages) with Lou and Miss jump shots, or lose a setting or something like that, man. Harrell said: “If we weren’t in an epidemic, if it was a clippers home game, the fans would be screaming at me, it wouldn’t be weird, man.

“I’m not worried about what Pat’s doing aside. Everything he’s sidelined … It’s no different than what Pat brought to the table, but it did not motivate me,” Harrell continued. “I’m a basketball player, just like them.”

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Harrell and Beverly On Twitter it was made clear that they are fine after the game, But that doesn’t mean Harrell still has much love for clippers. In fact, in the final question Harrell took after the game, he was asked a softball about the growth of Clippers’ second-year players. Instead of doing what most players would do in that situation – trigger a few clichs and move it – Harrell wanted to devote some time to clarifying the line between himself and the team he played for.

“It’s not disrespectful, but I don’t have to discuss it. I have nothing to do with my opinion on this,” Harrell said. “I have nothing to do with how they came to be in their development … not disrespectful, but honestly I really don’t care.” I’m not in a group with those people anymore, it’s not the locker room I walk into. So I have nothing to do with how those individuals are coming into their development or how they are taking the next steps in their lives.

“I congratulate them,” Harrell continued. “(But) we have young people on our team and it still needs to grow. (Devonde) Kagok, Dylan (Horton-Tucker) a young man, Costas (Antotocounpo) a young man. So there are young people on our team and we need to grow. So like I said, I have no idea what’s going on in their locker room. I focus on where I am and my team. ”

He was talking about the young people there, but if you read that second part without knowing the question he asked, he might as well be easily talking about the clippers as a whole. But Harrell can say he wants to focus on his new team and move forward, which is not always possible. If a pre-season game had already been this oyster, it would make you think a little more about some of the clippers already in the regular season matches that are already characteristically charged between these two sides. If this meaningless exhibition is anything to go by, it could prove that he has not lost any love when his new teammates face off against the organization on the edge of Harlem in those matches.

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