Miracle Workers Season 4 Release Date: Know All Details About the Cast, Plot and Streaming Platform!

Miracle Workers Season 4 Release Date

“Miracle Workers,” a comedy show on TBS, is a hilarious take on the works of Simon Rich. The audience score for all three seasons of “Miracle Workers” is 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has an ensemble cast and an anthology format, which means that each season can be watched on its own.

Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi have been the main stars of the show, but the overall plot of each season has changed a lot. The first season was about angels and other supernatural beings, the second was set in the Middle Ages, and the most recent season was about settlers on the Oregon Trail.

The third season, which showed off the comedy skills of the whole cast, ended in September 2021, and fans are already eager to hear what comes next. So, what do we really know about the next season of the very popular TV show?

When Will Season 4 of Miracle Workers Premiere?

Collider says that there will be a fourth season of “Miracle Workers” in November 2021. Since then, we’ve had to wait a long time, but now we know that Season 4 of “Miracle Workers” will start on January 16, 2023.

The show will start up again on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on TBS. Right now, we don’t know how many episodes Season 4 will have, but if it’s anything like Season 3, we should get 10. Season 1 had only seven episodes, but Seasons 2 and 3 each had ten episodes, so we’re hoping for Season 3.

There’s also no way to know if this is the last season of “Miracle Workers,” which is currently TBS’s only live-action scripted show. The station has a lot of animated original shows, so we hope “Miracle Workers” stays on as long as possible.

Is There a Trailer for Season 4 of Miracle Workers?

We have a sneak peek at “Miracle Workers: End Times,” which might not be called a trailer. The sneak peek shows that the upcoming fourth season will be very “Mad Max,” with Daniel Radcliffe looking like the road warrior himself. Radcliffe says, “In the beginning, there was The Boom.” “People’s cities of glass and steel are falling apart.

As life turned into a brutal fight to stay alive, the few people who were still alive felt sorry for the dead.” Then, Geraldine Viswanathan’s character cuts in and tells Radcliffe’s character that he’s being dramatic and that they’re just hungover. This takes away from the intense beginning.

What comes next is a short montage of the main stars, all of whom are wearing fancy leather costumes at some point. We don’t know what Season 4’s main theme is yet, but we probably will when the official trailer comes out. The trailer does confirm that the show will start on January 16 and that it is called “End Times.”

What is Season 4 of Miracle Workers About?

Because “Miracle Workers” is set up like an anthology, you never know what you’ll see. The fourth season, which is called “Miracle Workers: End Times,” will be very different from the three seasons that came before it. We didn’t know what would happen in the next part for a while, but the official summary of the next chapter shows that it will be a big change from what we’ve seen so far.

The synopsis says, “In a post-apocalyptic future, a wasteland warrior (Radcliffe) and a cruel warlord (Viswanathan) face the worst dystopian nightmare of all: settling down in the suburbs” (per TV Line).

“Together, they deal with the existential horrors of being married and living in a small town, all with the questionable help of a rich junk trader (Buscemi). Jon Bass plays the couple’s loyal war dog, and Karan Soni is a party-loving kill-bot.”

The official description of the show shows that there will still be comedy in Season 4. “‘ End Times’ follows all-new characters in a dystopian future full of radioactive mutants, killer robots, and a tyrannical homeowner’s association with outrageous annual fees,” the description says. Is there anything worse than an HOA?

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Who Stars in the Fourth Season of Miracle Workers?

Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni, and Jon Bass will all be back for “Miracle Workers: End Times,” according to TV Line.

Miracle Workers Season 4 Release Date

We don’t know what their characters’ names are yet, but the official synopsis says that Radcliffe will play a road warrior like Mad Max and Buscemi will play a junk trader. Viswanathan will be a warlord, but we don’t know what Soni and Bass will be like yet.

There will also be some awesome guest stars in “Miracle Workers: End Times” to bring in some new blood. Garcelle Beauvais from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and Quinta Brunson from “Abbott Elementary” will be there.

Kyle Mooney and Ego Nwodim from “Saturday Night Live” and Lolly Adefope and Paul F. Tompkins from “Shrill” are also going to be there. Lisa Loeb, a singer, will also appear on “End Times” as a guest star.

Who is Directing the Fourth Season of Miracle Workers?

The Hollywood Reporter says that “Miracle Workers” had a change in showrunners for its third season after the show’s creator, Simon Rich, quit. After working on the show for its first two seasons, Dan Mirk and Robert Padnick took over as showrunners, and they will also be back for “End Times.” Padnick and Mirk, along with Andrew Singer, Simon Rich, Daniel Radcliffe, and Steve Buscemi, will be the show’s executive producers.

Padnick and Mirk were thrilled to take over as showrunners for Season 3, and we expect them to keep up the same level of energy for Season 4. “It’s a dream come true to get to tell a whole new story each season with this insanely talented cast,” the two said.

“We couldn’t be happier that TBS put this unique and special show in our hands.” Before “Miracle Workers,” Padnick was an executive story editor on “The Office,” and Mirk wrote for “Man Seeking Woman” and “Future Man.”

Where Can You View Past Seasons of Miracle Workers?

The good news is that you can stream every episode of “Miracle Workers” on HBO Max. The streaming service is part of WarnerMedia, which also owns TBS, where “Miracle Workers” is shown. You can also expect “End Times” to come to the platform after its run on cable ends.

Also, you can watch all three seasons of “Miracle Workers” on TBS.com or the TBS app. You can watch a five-minute preview of each episode for free, but to get full access, you have to sign in. If you have a cable plan, you can watch the episodes for free.

You can also buy “Miracle Workers” on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and other digital content stores. On Amazon Prime, episodes cost as little as $0.99, and a whole season costs $17.99. Prices for these items change often across all digital platforms, so it’s best to look around before you click “buy.”

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Final Words

“Miracle Workers” is TBS’s only live-action scripted show. Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi are the main stars of the show. There’s no word on how many episodes Season 4 will have. Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni, and Jon Bass will all be back for Season 4. The fourth season is called “Miracle Workers: End Times”.

The official summary says it will be a big change from the previous three seasons. “Miracle Workers” had a change in showrunners for its third season. Garcelle Beauvais from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is one of the guest stars. Dan Mirk and Robert Padnick will continue to serve as executive producers.