Mindhunter Season 3 Release Date: Who Will Be in the Season 3?

Mindhunter Season 3 Release Date

According to David Fincher, the creator of the crime drama Mindhunter, it is highly improbable that the show will return for a third season on Netflix.

After an absence of two years, the second season of the show finally returned to our screens in August of 2019, exactly two years after the premiere of the first season in 2017.

It was subsequently announced that fans would have to wait until Fincher finished his picture Mank, which stars Oscar winner Gary Oldman as Citizen Kane writer Herman J. Mankiewicz before a third installment would be released. Mank is scheduled to be released in 2020.

In an interview with Vulture in 2020, the director was asked if the show was over “I think it’s likely. Listen, it was a pricey show for how many people watched it. We talked about saying, “Finish Mank and then see how you feel,” but I honestly don’t think we’ll be able to do it for less than I did in season two. And you have to be realistic about the fact that dollars have to equal eyes.”

Netflix hadn’t said anything about the third season of Mindhunter, but Fincher had originally hoped that the show, which is about the FBI’s behavioral unit, would run for at least five seasons.

Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv, who played the main characters, were let out of their contracts in 2020, and TVLine said the show would be put on hold indefinitely.

Read on to find out what we know so far about if Mindhunter will have a third season, when it might come out, and who will be in it.

Is Mindhunter Coming Back for a Third Season?

Netflix hasn’t said anything about the third season of Mindhunter, and it doesn’t look likely that they will.

During an interview to promote his 2020 biopic film Mank, Mindhunter’s creator David Fincher said that the show probably won’t come back for a third season.

Mindhunter Season 3 Release Date

The Mindhunter team hasn’t told us much about the third season of the show, but what little we do know isn’t good.

The main cast was let out of their contracts at the start of 2020 so they could look for other work. This means that season three won’t be happening any time soon.

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A Netflix representative quickly clarified that director David Fincher “may revisit” Mindhunter in the future, but for now he “felt it wasn’t fair to the actors to keep them from looking for other work while he was exploring new work of his own.”

After six months, we got an update on series three, but it wasn’t very helpful.

Erik Messerschmidt, the cinematographer for season two, recently said that he doesn’t know what will happen next with the show, but he hopes that there will be a third season.

“I’ve heard that things are going to stop for a while. We’ll see. Who can say? “he said to Collider. “But going back would be a great honor.”

“I love working with David and I love everyone on the cast and crew. It’s been an amazing time in my life,” he said. “I feel very lucky to have been able to work on it and help make it better. It has been very important and meaningful to me in my work. I don’t know, though. I have no idea what is going on.”

David Finch has been working on Mank and the animated show Love, Death, and Robots, so it didn’t look like Mindhunter season 3 would be coming out soon, even though The Hollywood Reporter said that Fincher had planned out five seasons of the show.

As of 2022, Fincher is making a movie based on the French graphic novel series The Killer. Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton will be in the movie.

The Killer was done being filmed on March 28, 2022.

Could Mindhunter be brought back at some point? We’ll have to see what happens.

When Could Filming for the Third Season of Mindhunter Begin?

It doesn’t look like filming for a possible third season of Mindhunter will start any time soon.

The second season took eight months to film, so if season three takes the same amount of time, we won’t see new episodes for years, if we ever do.

Fincher just finished making his latest movie, The Killer, which came out in March 2022. So we will have to keep an ear out for any possible news.

Who Could Be in the Third Season of Mindhunter?

If the third season of Mindhunter is ordered, the following actors might be able to come back.

  • Holden Ford is played by Jonathan Groff
  • Bill Tench, played by Holt McCallany,
  • Dr. Wendy Carr, played by Anna Torv
  • Nancy Tench, played by Stacey Roca
  • Joe Tuttle playing Greg Smith
  • Ted Gunn, played by Michael Cerveris
  • Cameron Britton plays Ed Kemper.
  • Sonny Valicenti played Dennis Rader/ADT Serviceman/BTK.

Jonathan Groff, who played Holden Ford, Holt McCallany, who played Bill Tench, and Anna Torv, who played Wendy Carr, have been let out of their contracts so that Fincher can work on other projects.

If he came back to Mindhunter in the future, he might still be able to get his main cast back together, but he would have to work around their schedules and any other acting jobs they have.

Stacey Roca, who plays Bill’s wife Nancy Tench and was made a series regular for season two, Joe Tuttle, who plays Greg Smith, and Michael Cerveris, who plays Ted Gunn, the new head of the Behavioral Science Unit, could also come back.

What Would Season 3 of Mindhunter Have Been About?

Andrew Dominick, who was in charge of Season 2, has said what Mindhunter Season 3 would have been about if it had been made.

Mindhunter Season 3 Release Date

Dominick told Collider, “They were going to go to Hollywood for Season 3. So one of them was going out with Jonathan Demme and the other was going out with Michael Mann. And it was all going to be about making sure that profiling got into the zeitgeist or public mind.

“It would’ve been… Everyone was really looking forward to that season when they “got out of the basement” and started.

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Also, the BTK killer was a recurring plot point in the first two seasons, so we think it would come up again if the show ever came back.

Final Words

Netflix hasn’t said anything about the third season of Mindhunter. Creator David Fincher says it’s unlikely that the show will return for a third season. The main cast was let out of their contracts at the start of 2020 so they could look for other work. Netflix has not confirmed if there will be a third season of Mindhunter. Director David Fincher just finished filming The Killer, which comes out in 2022.

Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton could join the cast. Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv have been let out of their contracts. Michael Cerveris, Joe Tuttle, and Stacey Roca could also come back. Andrew Dominick says what season 3 would have been about if it had been made.