Microsoft is launching a free version of Teams for everyone to use

During times of pandemic and detention, tools like Teams have been sure to make contact with many. This included a simple way to preserve the closeness and connection of those who had been isolated.

Microsoft took an active part and opened many doors with its tool. Now, globally, Teams is a free tool for personal use, adding to the federation it offers.

Everyone can finally use Teams

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been testing Teams outside of the professional and school environment. The software giant wanted to follow the path of other competitors and provide an open and accessible solution for everyone, so that they can maintain communication.

Hence, continuing this model, it has now announced that Teams is free and has a host of new features. Thus, personal jobs are available to everyone, with the aim of reuniting friends and family.

Microsoft wants to bring users closer

As was the case until now, this new feature allows access to any platform. You only need to install the client for Windows, macOS, Android or iOS to use it, and it can also be easily accessed by the browser.

For now, the expected restrictions have been lifted and meetings are allowed for 24 hours and with up to 300 participants. Later, as expected, this value will decrease to 6 hours and with up to 100 participants per meeting.

In-person chats in Microsoft Teams

More than just personal conversations

Of course, there's still a lot to add to this release from Microsoft Teams. Put together, tasks created in conversations and even online surveys are now accessible and ready for use by anyone with a Microsoft account.

Anyone who is already using Teams in a professional or school environment can keep everything in the same app. These are ready to host two or more accounts thus keeping the two profiles separate. With this new feature, Microsoft is taking an important step towards being able to keep its users together, and who knows, to be able to receive more.

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