Michael Madigan interrupts campaign for House Speaker

SPRINGFIELD – For the second day in a row, House Speaker Mike Madigan has lost a candidate in a scathing contest that has gripped him for nearly four decades.

On Monday, Madigan himself withdrew from the run.

But the powerful Southwestern Democrats tormented his caucus members to ensure he did not withdraw from the race.

“This is not a withdrawal,” Madigan said in a stern statement released Monday morning. “I have suspended my campaign for Speaker.”

“As I have said many times in the past, I have always put the best interest of the House Democratic Caucasus and our members in the first place,” Madigan said. “The House Democratic Caucus can work to find someone other than me to get 60 votes for speaker.”

The shocking move came a day after Madigan dropped nine votes to get the 60 needed to run for another post.

Members of the House Democrats scheduled a second ballot for the presidency Monday night. But sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that the second round of voting had been postponed.

Despite the stalemate, the government has not shown any signs of interfering or broking the deal for the compromise candidate. Pritzker did not show up

The governor told his daily corona virus conference on Monday that “it is the sole responsibility of those members to select the speaker” in the House, just hours after Madigan suspended his campaign.

At a closed Caucasus meeting on Sunday, 51 House Democrats voted for Madigan to be the speaker, which lasted longer than any other state speaker in U.S. history.

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To be a speaker, Madigan needs 60 votes. Although he was ashamed to see that magic number, he was very close in that first round.

Sources in the chamber said D-Chicago state representative Ann Williams received 18 votes. Stephanie Kifovit, the representative of D-Oswego, who announced another attempt against Madigan in October, received three votes.

Sources told the Sun Times that Democratic Caucasus leader Kathleen Willis withdrew from the race on Sunday and threw her support for Williams.

As State Representative Kelly Cassidy, de-Chicago, voted Sunday, 22 House Democrats came from Madigan. This is three more than the 19 people who had previously announced their opposition to his attempt for another group.

The 19 said on Sunday that they had not resigned from their post saying they would not vote for him.

“The last thing I talked to the speaker about was the severance bill two days ago.”

“So, this is the last conversation we have, but I’ll work with the recipients of the elected speaker, and again I will be with the minority leader of the House and the chairman of the Senate and the minorities,” the Democratic governor said.

When asked if Madigan was asked to resign as speaker when they last spoke, Pritzker said, “No. I was in conversation about doing things. He is still the speaker. ”

Madigan, a 78-year-old Illinois Democrat leader, is the victim of a federal investigation into the Comet influence-purchase scandal in Springfield. Madigan is involved, but is not charged at trial.

Madigan has denied any wrongdoing, saying he had previously planned to seek another post and had “enjoyed the support of a significant number of members of the House Democratic Caucus.”

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But the federal investigation increasingly complicated his path to another position as speaker, a position he held for all but two years from 1983 – longer than any other state home speaker in the country.

ComEd is accused of sending 3 1.3 million to Madigan’s associates for doing little or no work for the app. Four associates of the speaker – including longtime hopeful Michael McLean – were indicted in November.

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