Message+ Keeps Stopping – Everything You Need to Know .


Looking for a Verizon Message+ solution that keeps stopping? This article details some of the best solutions to this problem. Many of us have experienced the aggravation of Verizon Message+ frequently crashing, either while trying to attach a file or contact to a message, or when just reading or trying to read a text.

Let’s look at possible remedies for the Message+ keeps stopping issue and other Verizon Message plus troubles.

Fix 1 – Clear Cache and Data Go to Settings, Select Apps from the menu. Find the Message App and tap it under Apps. Pick Storage You can choose to Clear Data or Cache. Both.

This should delete the cache and data and repair the Message+ keeps stopping issue. If this doesn’t work, try the following repair.

Simulated Battery Disposal 2

If we had similar Verizon Message+ crashing issue on prior smartphones, we would have simply replaced the battery. This helped us address many issues with our equipment, and it might benefit us today if our cellphones had replaceable batteries.

But for non-removable-battery smartphones, this capability is quite similar to physically withdrawing and reinserting your smartphone battery.

Simulated battery removal

10+ seconds or until your smartphone’s screen turns black. You may also hold the Power and Volume buttons simultaneously. Restart your phone after restarting. Many of our users were experiencing “Message+ keeps stopping”. So give it a go.

Message+ Crashes – Fix 3The third repair we’d look at if the message+ app wasn’t working is more extensive than the previous two. It expands on our original remedy by offering various ways to get your message plus working again.

Stops Message+, Stock Messages, Contact, and Phone applications. Clear their cache. Turn off all alerts in Stock Messages. Go to Message+ and switch off Notifications. Turn off all Wi-Fi and MMS settings. Select Applications, then More and Modify System Settings from the menu. Return to Message+ and restore the default settings. Restart phone

Stopping Message Plus – Fix 4

If the error notice appears after updating or installing the program, it is possible that the issue is one of compatibility. Uninstall the program and then reinstall it.

  • Go to App Manager
  • Google Play Store
  • Clear Data.
  • Message+ reinstall

Fix 5 in software

This remedy will also build on the last option we attempted. There is a possibility that the Message+ has firmware difficulties and conflicts. This workaround looks for a software update, so you may run it and see whether it addresses the issue.

We discovered that many software updates include remedies for issues like this. Tap Settings on the Apps screen. Select Software Update. Manually Download Update The system will check for new updates.

If so, simply download and install it (always ensure that your phone battery is above 50 percent before doing any update). Check if the message+ problem is resolved. Fix 6 – Wipe Cache Partition

Some software upgrades may trigger hidden smartphone difficulties. Try updating your software when it’s less than 50%. These errors may create software difficulties that cause app malfunctions, such as the “message plus keeps stopping” issue with Verizon Messaging. How to erase your cache partition?

Turn off your phone. Hold Volume Up and Bixby (if using Samsung), then Power until the Android Logo appears. Press the Volume Down buttons until the Android logo appears. Scroll with the Volume button to Wipe Cache Partition.

Select Wipe Cache Partition by pressing Power. After wiping, tap the Power button to choose “Rebook System Now”.


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