What can you anticipate from a Men in Black 5 sequel? Men In Black: International, the fourth film starring MCU favourites as agents tasked with monitoring alien life forms, has finally come. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will replace franchise veterans Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the major roles.

The Men in Black franchise has been powerful yet consistent since the first film debuted in 1997. Men in Black II, Men in Black 3, and now Men in Black: International have all followed up on that hugely popular debut. The world of the Men in Black has grown exponentially over the course of the franchise, with new technology introduced, the lifestyles of the agents studied in depth, new alien life forms uncovered, and so much more. A Men in Black 5 sequel is a distinct possibility.

What is the plot of the sequel?

There aren’t many specifics about the plot of Men in Black 4, but according to ScreenRant, it will be about “London-based agents who become entangled in a murder mystery that takes them around the world.”


The MIB 4 production was photographed filming scenes outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in early August, confirming that the film will be set in the UK’s capital.

Who Will Be in Cast of the Sequel?

There aren’t any confirm cast updates of the film yet. Because In Season 4 As Agent H, Chris Hemsworth joins the franchise as the primary actor. The Australian actor has been busy filming scenes for the revival, and when he taped his Teen Choice Awards thank-you speech, he appeared to be wearing the famed monochrome-coloured suit.

‘Like the other ones, we’re attempting to inject a lot of humour into it.’ These are clearly enormous shoes to fill, so we’re working our tails off to create something massive and enjoyable,’ Hemsworth told Variety.


‘They’re attempting to mix up the places and make it feel different from the previous ones.’ As a result, I believe you may be able to observe some various countries. Some cities are different from those seen in the previous Men In Black films.’

Tessa Thompson, who starred alongside Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok, will play Agent M in the film.

Emma Thompson, a two-time Academy Award winner, appears to be the sole actor returning to the franchise. She’ll reprise her role as Agent O in Men in Black 3.


Another agent is played by Liam Neeson, while Rafe Spall, co-writer and actor of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Kumail Nanjiani, co-writer and actor of The Big Sick, also join the cast.

The latter will portray Pawny, a Men in Black sidekick. Rebecca Ferguson, who starred in Mission: Impossible: Fallout, will also participate in the film in an unspecified capacity.

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Will Smith Return for a Fifth Instalment of Men in Black?

The Men in Black franchise began in July 1997 and has since grown to include three films, a spin-off called Men in Black: International, numerous computer games, and a four-season television series. Now, word is that Will Smith, one of the franchise’s greatest stars, is open to a Men in Black 5 sequel.


According to Gossip writer Daniel Richtman, Will Smith is interested in directing a new Men in Black picture, which is reported to be in the works. This is just a rumour at the moment, so take it with a grain — or possibly a lot – of salt. Even if we are unlikely to hear anything tangible for some time, it is fascinating to think about.


There’s no news on whether Would Smith’s rumoured role will be significant, but even a brief appearance by him in the film will be enough to make headlines. Will Smith last appeared in the franchise in Men in Black 3 in May 2012, which was almost a decade ago. Even though Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson starred in Men in Black: International, people missed Will Smith’s contributions to the franchises, making the reboot a critical and box-office flop.

Men in Black 5: International Doesn’t Directly Set Up a Sequel

The Men in Black 5: International does not necessarily set up a fifth picture, as the characters finish up in a rather basic state. While it would be interesting to see more stories come to life on the big screen in a Men in Black 5, International stands on its own as a full storey. Of all, this was also the case with 1997’s Men in Black, which helped to launch the franchise, so never rule out the possibility.

Men in Black 5’s Box Office Depends On MIB: International

Whether or not there will be a Men in Black 5 is largely determined by how well International performs: if it is profitable, Sony will almost certainly approve a fifth film. Unfortunately, early reviews and box office projections do not appear to be good. It has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in the franchise’s history, and box office expectations have dwindled. Even though the film’s budget is anticipated to be approximately $110 million, which is low for a modern tentpole, it has the potential to be a smash hit.

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When Is Men In Black 5 Coming Out?

Even if International succeeds at the global box office (which is a tall order at this point), the fifth feature will have to wait a while before it hits theatres. Men in Black 5 wouldn’t be ready for release for at least two years, and that’s with production starting from the minute the sequel was formally greenlit.

Is Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson Set to Reprise Their Roles in Men In Black Season 5?

Thanks to their work in the MCU on Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have shown to be a game couple for a few years now. It’s easy to imagine a situation in which these actors reunite in their MIB finery for another outing.


On the business side of things, things get a little murkier. There’s no publicly available information on whether Hemsworth and Thompson are legally committed to return for Men in Black 5 or if this was a one-and-done deal, so their return might be contingent on renegotiations.

Men in Black Could Get a New Lease on Life (Again)

Even if a direct sequel to International doesn’t come to fruition, it could be possible that a Men in Black 5 ends up being another soft reboot or legacy-quell of sorts. With International and Men in Black 3, the franchise has previously attempted both types of sequels, proving that it can come back after a decade of idleness. Considering the likely box office struggles of Men in Black 4, it may be a smart move to bring Will Smith back. They may go quiet, but never count the MIB out.


Yes, there is a significant conclusion because no one knows who will be on Season 5 of Men in Black at the moment.

In my opinion, Season 4 of Men in Black actors will return in Season 5 of Men In Black.

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