Massive Sam Dornold What-if could drastically change the future of the Jets

it means what?

What if Sam Dornold performed in these final two games as he did on Sunday in Los Angeles?

If the Jets misuse the third-year quarterback, he will be just as determined and decisive. Stunning 23-20 win Above the Rams?

What if the Jets dropped 10-4 browns in their home final, throwing the ball to Dornold 300 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday at Medlife Stadium?

What if he goes up to Foxboro, Mass., Next week for the season finale and sees Bill Belichic’s patriotic defense monsters and follows it?

What if the Donald 2020 resume was covered by three strong, successful shows in a row – even if they came at the end of a bad 3-13 season?

They would have been three meaningless hits for the Jets, but would they have been Dornold’s pointless shows?

Prior to Rams’ regret, the jets were destined to finish 0-16, confirming themselves the No. 1 overall pick and the opportunity to pick Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

In April, Lawrence will have little decision on what to do with the Dornolds, as “generational talent” is looking them in the face. They will progress. For the third year quarterback, the Jets will be trading with a Jets 12-24 record and 44 turnover.

But now what?

Lawrence will be available as the Jets win at LA and own the tiebreaker for the Jacksonville No. 1 pick, avoiding an unexpected setback in the next two games (1-1 against Pierce and the Golds) by the Jaguars 1-13.

Sam Dornold
Sam Dornold
Corey Chipkin

Now that this season is over the jets have to ask themselves: Would it be better to roll the dice around Dornald (they have done a bad job for the last three years) or in a college quarterback named Trevor? Lawrence?

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Justin Fields of Ohio State appeared normal against the Northwest on Saturday, dropping his stake. BYU’s Sock Wilson will change Tuesday night in a meaningless bowl game against a pedestrian UCF team. Florida’s Kyle Trask answer? North Dakota State Tray Lance?

What if Dornald shines this Sunday and the next?

Will it change the stories or will it simply be dismissed as junk time?

The Jets, remember, finished last season 6-2 after a 1-7 start. What became of it when the 2020 season began? The gold of the fool.

“Every game is important to evaluate in the NFL,” former Jets general manager Mike Dananbaum told The Post on Wednesday. “Look, they have to make some important decisions in office – especially starting in the quarterback. The big question a lot of people have about tar is turnover. Now, Sam has 44 turnovers since he was in the NFL. It ranks sixth in any quarterback during that period.

“It’s not like Daniel Jones,” Dananbaum said of the Giants’ second-quarter quarterback with turnover issues. “When those young quarterbacks don’t turn the ball around, they both give their teams a fair chance to win. We continued to watch for both teams. “

Strange statistic about Dornold, however: in his 36 career, at 14 he did not throw an interruption, the Jets just 3-11.

This is the result of many bad teams around Dornald, which raises the question: Did the Jets Dornold fail? Than to defeat the Donald Jets?

The answer to that question is: Yes.

However, Dornald said he was not the best and did not elevate the players around him to the point of having to pick a No. 3 overall draft.

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On Sunday in LA, Dornald did just that. His quick and correct decision making is the difference of the game. Was it a flash in the pan, a flip on the radar? Or is it a sign that he is starting to figure it out?

“I thought Sam was a good Sunday against the Rams,” Dananbaum said. “He’s decisive and precise. It’s a very motivating performance.”

This is the fifth game of the season in which he has had three of his best recipients – Jamie Crowder, Preshot Perryman and Denzel Mims – on the field with him at the same time.

Head coach Adam Casey was asked Wednesday what the “next stage” was for Dornold.

When referring to the Rams game, Case said.

Asked why, three years into his career, it still hasn’t clicked on Dornold, Case said, “has little to do with those around him and the consistency there. You see some of these quarterbacks playing with the same receivers and playing with the same ability. This will be a good start for him – the list should have some consistency. ” ‘

The question is, of course, on which list will Dornard be in 2021?

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