Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth 2023: How Much She Earned In‘ Selling Sunset’?

Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth

Mary Fitzgerald is indeed a prominent cast member of the reality TV series “Selling Sunset.” The show, which premiered on Netflix in 2019, follows a group of real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles. She also worked as a realtor for Candy & Candy and Shorewood Realtors. 

Mary Fitzgerald is known for her glamorous style and strong presence on the show. She brings a wealth of experience to the real estate industry, having worked in the field for many years prior to her appearance on “Selling Sunset.” Her extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles luxury real estate market has made her a valuable asset to the Oppenheim Group.

Early Life of Mary Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is 43 years old. The Selling Sunset star was born on July 29, 1980, and her birthplace is in Brandon, South Dakota. Her mother’s name is Theresa Statom Olson while her father’s name is not mentioned on social media. Besides, she has two siblings named Anna Fitzgerald and Sara Fitzgerald. 

Joining The Oppenheim Group 

In 2014, Fitzgerald became a real estate agent with The Oppenheim Group. She has worked in property management and represented high-end real estate clients on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood.

Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth

After five years working at the company, Mary became a cast member of The Oppenheim Group’s reality series Selling Sunset. The show first premiered on Netflix in 2019. In the show, her close friendship and falling out with Christine Quinn were highlighted.

With talent and long experience with The Oppenheim Group, Mary was selected as the vice president of the firm in season five of Selling Sunset. Currently, she is teaming up with ex-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim, the company’s president.

Other Ventures

Mary Fitzgerald, known for her role on the Netflix reality TV show “Selling Sunset,” has been involved in various ventures throughout her career. While my knowledge is based on information up until September 2021, here are some notable ventures associated with Mary Fitzgerald:

Real Estate Career: Mary Fitzgerald has worked as a real estate agent, specializing in luxury properties in the Los Angeles area. She has been associated with The Oppenheim Group, a prominent real estate brokerage known for its high-end listings.

“Selling Sunset”: Mary gained widespread recognition through her appearance on the reality TV show “Selling Sunset.” The show follows a group of real estate agents, including Mary, as they navigate the competitive world of luxury real estate in Los Angeles.

Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth

Fashion and Design: Mary has a passion for fashion and design, and she has showcased her expertise in staging and interior design through her work on “Selling Sunset.” She has an eye for aesthetics and often incorporates her creative flair into property presentations.

Social Media Presence: Mary has a significant following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she shares insights into her personal life, real estate ventures, and fashion interests. She has used her platform to engage with fans, promote her work, and collaborate with brands.

Mary Fitzgerald Husband 

Real estate agent Fitzgerald is married to Romain Bonnet. The bonnet is a French model and her co-star in selling sunsets. The bonnet is a project manager and model with a net worth of $500,000. The Pair tied the knot on October 12, 2019.

However, the couple was legally married for months before the series began filming its first season, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

Besides, their marriage license and the certificate of marriage show that the two were married at a Ventura courthouse on March 9, 2018.

Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth

The couple’s relationship faced its fair share of ups and downs, providing dramatic moments and adding to the show’s overall appeal.

Moreover, the realtor is 13 years older than her husband Bonnet who is 30  years old as of 2021. He was born on June 18, 1993. According to Express, Fitzgerald revealed that before meeting Romain she was married twice and twice and her first husband passed away. 

Mary Fitzgerald Children

The Selling Sunset star Fitzgerald has a son named Austin Babbitt. The real estate agent met her son when she was 16. Her son Austin Babbitt is 26 years old as of 2023. Although she has children with her husband, Romain Bonet.

Mary Fitzgerald Education

Fitzgerald attended Ball State University and graduated in 2001. However, the real estate agent did not reveal what course he had taken in college. After completing her graduate studies, she spent several years in New York and London, where she gained significant real estate experience.

Mary Fitzgerald’s Net Worth

The most significant factor in Fitzgerald’s wealth is her real estate career. Each listing sold earns a 3% commission to The Oppenheim Group agents. Because she has been promoted to Vice President, Mary is also likely to increase her base salary. 

Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth

Of course, Her earnings from appearing on Selling Sunset. In addition, she has used her fame to become an influencer and brand ambassador on social media. It has rewarded Mary Fitzgerald with a net worth Between $1- $2 million.


Mary Fitzgerald is the newly elected Vice President of the Oppenheim Group. This means that she will be a more prominent figure in the running of the real estate firm.

She’s been on Selling Sunset since season one and is a lead cast member of the Netflix show. As of 2023, Mary Fitzgerald has a net worth is Between $1-$2 million. 

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