May 10, 2021

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Markets day: US contracts fall; The dollar strengthens

The American future is collapsing and European quotes are hesitant. Investors analyze companies’ latest financial statements for Q1 and macro data. The dollar strengthens.

Contracts for the S&P 500 fell 0.44 percent, contracts for the Dow Jones Industrial Company fell 0.34 percent and contracts for the Nasdaq Comb. Decreases by 0.65 percent.

Amazon’s share is growing 2 percent. In pre-session trading. Amazon’s revenue grew 44 percent to $ 108.52 billion in the first quarter of 2021, compared to expectations of $ 104.47 billion.

The company expects earnings per share of the first quarter to be 79.15.79 and the market to be 5.5.5 per share.

Wetbush Securities analyst Michael Butcher said Amazon Prime’s growing subscriptions, consumer acceptance of online grocery distributions in the face of COVID-19, and improving economic conditions are working in favor of Amazon.

“Customer habits. Good quality products in the grocery store. Direct money is passed on to customers. All of this makes the company grow,” Becher said.

Twitter is down 13 percent. Prior to the session he presented a conservative Q2 revenue forecast, arguing that user growth may be stunted due to the weakening of growth seen during corona virus infections.

Apple shares fall 1.5%. Before the session. The European Commission on Friday demanded that Apple stop anti-competitive practices in its App Store app. It also threatens fines of up to 10% for failure to react. Global corporate turnover.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.71 percent to 34,060.36 points. At the end of the day, the S&P 500 was up 0.68 points at 4,211.47. The Nasdaq composite increased 0.22%. And finished the session at 14,982.55 points. The S&P 500 set a historic record.

“The Federal Reserve continues to support the economy, President Biden is proposing a major stimulus plan, and the profit period is continuing – so far we have seen relatively good reports,” said Eddie Cheng, head of the International Multi-Asset Ports Administration in Wales. Bargo Property Management.

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The VIX index is a measure of the expected volatility and emotion assessment tool, which drops to 16.92 points.

In Europe, the Euro Stocks 50 index was up 0.16 percent, the German DAX was up 0.33 percent, the French CAC 40 was up 0.39 percent and the British FTSE was up 0.2 percent.

The Stokes Europe index is down 0.1 percent.

Barclays is down 6 percent. The bank has warned that its costs are rising and that its quarterly bad lending is $ 55 million.

Despite breaking expectations in the first quarter results, BNP Paribas is down nearly 1.5 per cent. Its net income was $ 1.8 billion compared to the $ 1.2 billion estimated by analysts.

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is growing at just 4%. After announcing on Friday that its corona virus vaccine raised $ 275 million in the first quarter.

Konsberg 9 percent profit. After becoming higher than its EBITDA market forecasts in Q1. “Kongsberg released more solid results than expected in two major categories,” DNP analyst Niklas Kehin wrote in the note.

Cavarian Oz 19% gains The company recorded EPS in Q1 above market ratings.

Neves is up 12 percent. In response to the VDL acquisition interest.

Eni loses 2.5 percent. – Adjusted net profit for Q1 turned out to be weaker than analysts’ forecasts.

The dollar appreciates 0.27 percent. 90.88 points against the basket of coins.

The euro is down 0.34 percent. Up to 1.2083.

USD / JPY quote increases 0.08%. Up to 108.94.

The pound rate is down 0.32 percent. Was 1.3903 against the dollar.

10-year USD profit fell 1 bb to 1.64%. Yields on 30y U.S. bonds fell 1 pp to 2.31%.

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The spread between two-year and ten-year USD is 148 bp. On the other hand, the spread between US 3-month and 10-year bonds is currently 163 pp.

In turn, 10-year German funds’ profits fall from 1 ppm to -0.21 percent.

In the oil market, the WTI futures for June fell 2.46% to $ 63.41 a barrel and the June Brent futures fell 1.98%. Up to US $ 67.22 / p.

ND data. GDP in Europe IQ.

According to preliminary Eurostat data, GDP growth in the euro area has fallen by 0.6% in the first quarter of 2021. After a decline of 0.7% in Qdk and Q4. The market estimated that GDP fell by 0.8%.

In the euro area, GDP fell 1.8% in Q1. GDP is projected to decline by 2.0% following a 4.9% decline in Q4.

“The blow to the eurozone economy was milder than expected, however, companies and consumer economies suffered further setbacks to the blockade,” said Meva Cousin, a Bloomberg economist.

More than 3,168 million victims of the corona virus

A total of 150.61 million Govt-19 infections have been confirmed worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. The death toll for this cause reached 3.168 million.

In the last 24 hours, more than 386,000 people have registered in India. New corona virus infections and 3,498 deaths have been reported. Although still significantly underestimated according to experts, these are currently the most numerous in the world. Infectious statistics in India have been increasing almost daily since the beginning of April; In the last five days alone, the daily record of the number of new Govt-19 cases has been broken four times. There have been more than 18.76 million infections and 208,330 deaths in the country since the onset of the epidemic.

According to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 879 Govt-19 deaths have been reported in the United States in the last 24 hours. The presence of corona virus has been confirmed in 58,528 people in a row. A total of 32.29 million corona virus infections have been reported in the United States since the outbreak, according to the university’s latest data. The death toll was 575,197.

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In the last 24 hours in France, 321 patients have died in hospitals due to the corona virus, and 26,538 people have been confirmed to be infected with Covit-19, the Public Health Organization (SPF) said on Thursday. The death toll from the corona virus has risen to 104,386 since the outbreak, and has affected 5.6 million people.

France is beginning to recover from its lockout on May 3 – citing the French president’s decision in an interview with regional newspapers and announcing to the media that they are due to be officially announced on Friday.

German company Robert Koch (RKI) reported 24,736 new corona viruses on Thursday. According to the RKI, 264 people have died in the last 24 hours due to Govt-19 infection. Since the outbreak, RKI has recorded 3.39 million corona virus infections in Germany. The total death toll in Germany with the diagnosis of Govit-19 has risen to 82,868.

The Italian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that 288 people had died in Covit-19 the previous day and that 14,320 infections had been confirmed in 330,000 tests. The number of infections detected so far in the country has crossed 4 million.

In the UK, 2,455 corona virus infections have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours, and 22 deaths due to Govt-19 have been reported. More than 4.4 million infections have been reported in the UK since the outbreak, with 127,759 deaths, the highest in Europe. (BAP Business)

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