Marine Le Pen’s party misappropriated 6.8 million European funds

Le Pen has been charged for five years with fraudulent use of public resources in recruiting people who have already worked for the national federation. The leader of the French far-right appears to be charged with 16 other people associated with the party.

According to police investigations issued by the Central Office for Combating Corruption, Financial and Tax Crime (OCLCIFF), RN has “, through its executives and managers, created a fraudulent organized system to misappropriate European funds for its benefit, through bogus jobs as Parliamentary Assistants”, This Sunday reveals The Sunday Newspaper.

Investigations revealed sufficient evidence that Seventeen elected leaders and members of the far-right party were tried for “misappropriating public funds” or concealing this crime – the investigation also targeted suspicions of “organized gang fraud”.

The situation goes back to the time when the National Army was led by the father of the current leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, but it will be formed under the presidency of Marine Le Pen, after the 2014 European elections, in which it was done. The far-right party won 24 places.

At stake are European Parliament funds that were allegedly used for staff disguised as “Parliamentary Aides”, however, only RN benefited from them. Therefore, a total amount of 6.8 million euros was misappropriated and misused by Marine Le Pen, and an indictment was brought against him and she was identified as the instigator and benefactor of this system.

The French Weekly reported that The administration of appropriations attributed to the appointment of employees was “central” by the party, which allowed only the party representatives to choose an assistant and was responsible for appointing the rest..

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The RN leader responded on her Twitter account, Le Journal described de Dimanche as “the official organ of macronesta.” [referência a Emmanuel Mácron, presidente da França]”.

“It raises the same issue as the parliamentary assistants as in all elections. Nothing new.”He wrote, adding references to the June regional elections.

The party’s treasurer, Eliran de Saint-Just, speaking to the French news channel BFM, accused Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti of being behind the revelations of this investigation.

“He spends his life saying he wants to hurt RN as much as possible. This is clearly a political maneuver, right before the regional elections. He uses that newspaper and that story that we don’t know where it came from and this is a bunch of fallacies and slanders.”As Saint-Just says.

This is a 98-page report, delivered on February 15 to an investigative judge, who stated that European money was not only used to pay the wages of employees who already worked for the party, but to some of those who had accumulated work contracts incorrectly describing Spanish news agency IV.

The French MP and candidate for the 2022 presidential elections has been presented as being directly responsible for this fraudulent system that will consist of financing party workers’ wages with European money, and transferring funds donated to members of the European Parliament to hire assistants.

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According to Le Journal du Dimanche, most suspects alleged that they destroyed their files when changing computers, or kept nothing that would warrant their reward from the European Parliament.

Le Pen denied in court on September 5, 2018, that he had committed a fraud, and on Sunday, the lawyer for the leader of the Patriotic Front, Rudolf Bosselot, in his speech to the French Weekly, confirmed that all of the aforementioned parliamentary aides had worked “at one time or another” for the European structure. The newspaper also states that the European Parliament did not wait for the completion of the criminal proceedings before demanding the money.

In 2016, he asked Le Pen to pay 339,000 euros and kept part of the appropriations for this purpose for months, until he recovered about 60,000 euros, but when he left the European Parliament, the transfers stopped. .

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