Maria João Abreu. João Soares reveals an unpublished video of a woman

UThe day after Maria João Abreu’s funeral, actress’s husband João Soares returned to her Instagram page, this time to share an unprecedented video of the artist.

The photos show the moment Maria João Abreu was on stage with her husband’s troupe.

The musician wrote in the caption of the video “My João. IMF, by José Mário Branco”.

This morning, it was Joao Soares They took to social media to talk about the actress’s funeral.

“I embraced those who are very close to me and those below them. Those I knew and whom I had never seen before. But I embraced everything I could. And who the time allowed. To admire Joao. Joao. To everything I hugged, just as you do. Exactly as you do. I always did, “she wrote.

Maria João Abreu is reported to have passed away on May 13, at the age of 57, from a cerebral aneurysm. The actress has been married for more than two decades to Jose Raposo, and they have two common children, Miguel and Ricardo. After years of separation, Maria Joao Abreu married Joao Soares.

a Counted goodbye hundreds of people Who made sure to honor the dear Portuguese actress, A moment marked by emotion and applause.

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