Manifest Season 4: What Will Come Next?


An American supernatural drama series MANIFEST created by none other than Jeff Rake. season one premiered on NBC on 24 September 2018. Manifest revolves around the commercial airline’s passengers and the gang who believed to be dead for more than four years.
You can say that show is now renewing after its cancellation. In 2020 June it was decided that no further seasons will be released after the third season. The number of viewers and fans on Netflix increases to a number one show. Approximately for a month, Manifest was one of the most viewed shows on Netflix. NBC and Netflix have been in conversation for the renewal of Manifest. This conversation is supported by the fans who introduced the campaign with the hashtag #SaveManifest on social media platforms. Most of the members of the cast also supported this campaign and shared it on their official accounts.

Then Netflix and NBC concluded to continue with another season. Now the question arises where it will stream because of the information gathered from many rumors that the next season will either stream on NBC or Netflix.

Fans out there are constantly commenting that they still believe that Manifest season 4 will be aired super soon. They are also using one more hashtag #ManifestersNeverLose. The fan is quite enthusiastic to see Manifest season 4 on their screens.

It is evident that the release of season 4 Manifest is not 100% confirm. All that we know is their discussions are going on in this regard between NBC and Netflix. For now, all we can do is support the campaign as much as we can. On July 14, 2021, Jeff Rake the creator also tweeted that he is not giving up. He has faith that the support of fans will bring it back.

We also assure you that you will be given all the updated information as soon as we get it. So keep the faith and cross your fingers for its comeback.


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