Mandalorian Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Trailer

mandalorian season 3 release date

Disney doesn’t do things by halves, and after the season two finale of The Mandalorian, fans are eager to learn more about the series’ future.

Season three is on the way, which is fantastic news for fans of Mando and his adorable muppet buddy.

mandalorian season 3 release date

But when can we expect to see it? What shape will it take? That is the source of the enigma.

After all, there’s a steady stream of Star Wars spin-offs, with The Book of Boba Fett already in theaters and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka, and Andor on the way. Here’s all you need to know about season three of The Mandalorian.

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Mandalorian Season 3 Premiere Date

The bad news is that no official release date has been announced yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the opportunity for speculation.

mandalorian season 3 release date

December 2022 is rumored to be the month to watch, with the third season expected to launch on Disney+ at that time (as reported by TVLine). This makes sense because it corresponds to the release dates of both seasons one and two, which were released around the same time.

The Mandalorian season one premiered in November 2019 and season two in October 2020, with both seasons ending in December. It would also account for filming as well as the lengthy CGI and special effects process required to fully bring the program to life.

Season 3 Cast of The Mandalorian

Before the season two conclusion, we expected Pedro Pascal would reprise his role as the main character (presumably with help from stunt doubles Barry Lowin, Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder).

And, of course, we figured he’d be accompanied by Baby Yoda (we’re not going to call him Grogu because we can’t), another well-known figure.

mandalorian season 3 release date

However, the conclusion of their story felt abrupt, leading us to conclude that the post-credits sequence was added to build up a new plot centered on Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) and Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen).

It happened, and it’s called The Book of Boba Fett. It’s not strictly a Mandalorian plot, but rather a spin-off set in the same universe as the Mandalorian arc.

Thankfully, now that Boba Fett has his own show, we can rest confident that Pedro and, most likely, Grogu will appear in season three of The Mandalorian.

Pascal’s back-up actor Following the season 2 finale, Brendan Wayne confirmed this in an Instagram post, writing: “There will be no spoilers!!!

But, just in case the rest of the world doesn’t already know, Pedro Pascal is fantastic. This season’s adventure they wrote for him was breathtaking. Pedro’s ability to go beyond the page and create something magnificent. Thank you very much, Pedro Pascal.”

The following is a list of other potential returnees:

• Greef Karga (Greef Karga) (Carl Weathers, confirmed)

• Ahsoka Tano is a fictional character (Rosario Dawson)

• Bo-Katan (Japanese: (Katee Sackhoff)

The Plot of Season 3 of The Mandalorian

Fans who have finished The Book of Boba Fett are already aware of the situation, but in case you missed it, the last episodes of Boba Fett set the stage for the next season of The Mandalorian.

Is it possible that your mind has been blown? So gather the pieces and reassemble them because there’s more to come, and it all starts with a melon.

As the event came to a close, Boba and Fennec expressed their apprehension about being viewed as heroes, which is understandable given their ruthless past. Fennec’s response to Boba’s “We are not suited for this”? “If not us, who?” says the narrator.

When a stranger hands them a melon, they respond. Black Krrsantan and Sophie Thatcher’s Drash, the leaders of the cyborg street gang of Mods, receive it from Fett.

According to one idea, these people could end up replacing Boba Fett in Jabba the Hutt’s old seat, allowing Boba to return to his former life as a bounty hunter. If not the light, at least the melon.

After that, we get a sweet glimpse of Mando flying away with Grog.



The Mandalorian and Grogu flew away aboard Mando’s new spacecraft at the end of The Book of Boba Fett. While there was little indication of what will happen in season 3, it has previously been stated that The Mandalorian’s creative team had a big world fleshed out that spans numerous seasons.

If Disney is serious about extending the show that far, season 3 should be the start of a new arc for the show. Seasons 1 and 2 focused heavily on the mythos around the dark saber, as well as the will he/won’t he of a prospective confrontation with Luke Skywalker.

It might be time for Mando and Grogu to start a fresh chapter now that we know how that story ended courtesy to The Book of Boba Fett.


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