Man killed and Shot on the Metro Station, in the Downtown L.A.


A man was killed and shot at an Metro Blue Line station in downtown Los Angeles just before midnight Thursday. Authorities are looking for the person responsible for the shooting.

The fatal shooting happened at the platform of Washington Station, near the 1900 block of Long Beach Avenue, around 11:50 p.m. Wednesday According to Los Angeles Police Officer Lizeth Lomeli.

The victim, in his mid-20s was in the one train cars . He was shot when he exited the train, according to her account. Shooter who shot a number of shots then fled on his own.

It was unclear at the time in which direction the person was travelling in prior to the time he got off from the train, and then was killed. It was also not clear what direction the shooter took according to the authorities.

The person who was shot was declared dead on the spot, Lomeli said.

Video filmed by OnScene.TV shows paramedics and police on the train platform, next to an unstoppable train. Police lights flashed in the night.

Officials were not able to provide information as of Thursday morning about the identity of the shooter. They did not know if he had any connection with the man who was believed to have been shot dead.

Metro’s spokesperson Metro was unable to immediately reply to a query for comment.Man killed and shot on the Metro station, in the downtown area of L.A.


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