May 10, 2021

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Malborg. Mike Nowroki will play in the United States’ best league in the world for 18-year-old boys

Mike Navroki, a student at UKS Bombay SB3, is undoubtedly making hockey history in Malborg. He has already played in Germany and Sweden and now is the time for a big challenge, but a great opportunity. The club from the United States showed interest in Malforksik.

Hockey Progress Management, The first company to represent hockey players in Poland, boasted of its “Wardin” success a few days ago, 17 years old Mikes Navrocki. It was the pilot of Malborg’s club transformation East Coast Spartans z Postone. It will be the third foreign club after the German one, to the accusation of Bombay DEG Dusseldorf (He spent two years there) and Swedish HC colic (It hit in 2020).

A scout from New Jersey had already volunteered last year

HPM’s activities enjoy the trust of the young player’s parents. They run the company Krzysztof Zapała, One of the most famous Polish hockey players, representative of many Poles and four-time national champion, and Promise Nasiukiewicz, Sports Agent and Lawyer

– Mike’s proposal to play in the United States appeared a year after Dusseldorf’s return. A scout from New Jersey contacted us, but we had a management contract with Hockey Progress Management, which was a good result. They are the ones who are currently directing Mike’s further life. Together with Przemek Nasiukiewicz and Krzysztof Zapała we decided that Mikey should play in Sweden – he explains Saomir Navroki is the coach of UKS Bombay SB3 Malborg and of course his own son’s first coach.

In the 1st section of the U18, H.P. Malforciிக்n excelled at the Gallic, but played only six games. Games were interrupted due to a corona virus infection. Under these circumstances, he was allowed to return to Poland from the new club, where he played on loan Sokolach TorresAlso, his first club, he joined Bombay in 2015 at the age of 13. After coming from Sweden, he won with Sokov in 2021 Silver medal Poland won bronze at the U18 Championship, U20 Poland Championship, played in the 1st League. He played in a total of 26 games and scored 25 points (goals and assists) in the Canadian classification. 2

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On the one hand, massive competition, on the other – a great opportunity for growth

Talent seekers are like spies. They see everything, and they see the young man again. After the season, Mikes had to return to Sweden because the deal included another season, but it did Change of plans. The East Coast Spartans Club, which mentioned it wanted a Malborg in the lineup, reported to the Hockey Progress Management. For the 2021/22 season in the NAPHL U18 AAA League.

For us parents, this is not an easy decision and even though our son has been training outside the home since he was 13, the distance and difficult, uncertain times of the epidemic did not help him make a collective decision. However, the deal, which includes a division to play 65 games in a season and the opportunity to develop the game at the highest level, is inevitable. Mikes first went to the best hockey league in Europe in Sweden and now he plays in the best league in the world for 18 – year – olds in the United States – says Sawomir Navroki.

After examining all the pros and cons, a decision was made.
– Of course, we did it together, but Mikey just decided what he wants to do in the future. As parents we can only support him, we can help him as much as we can, we hope he will use the opportunity that appeared in his life – adds the hockey player’s father.

It will not be easy. The closest ones, managers and, of course, Mike – everyone feels that competition abroad is very tough. At least two numbers quoted by Saomir Navroki operate on imagination. There are 2,400 junior players in Poland and 210,000 in the United States.

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– Unfortunately, this is not hockey Football Leaving the United States is associated with higher living expenses, including fees related to attending high school. In professional leagues players over the age of 18 can sign contracts – explains Saomir Navroki. – He coaches at the High School and EC Sports Club. This is the best opportunity for sports development and the opportunity to compete with the best, as well as learn another language after German, he will be fluent in the future. Michael wants to show up In Detham, Massachusetts At a training camp in August. We’m probably going to be there for a long time, and it’s coming back to Malborg after the season, i.e. in May 2022 …

12 years of a Christmas ball. A small club with big ambitions

If you think skating and ice hockey traditions in Malborg were mainly associated with skating with ice hoops poured by firefighters on frozen Nogad, Juranda Canal or football fields, the 17-year-old’s successful landing on Mars (returning to Earth) and the sport of Pompeii Or joined the highest football youth league in England.

But Mike Navroki grew up part-time Ice ring in ul. Mickeywich. So all that remains is for him to capture the United States and at the same time wait for the tile in the city facility to expand. Sports and Recreation Center Wants to invest in this.

– Alumni of our club UKS Pompeii SB3, can boast of victories in 12 years, won medals at the Polish Championship, received invitations to the Polish national team, played in the PLH League, attracted the attention of overseas and top league clubs – Sawmir Pacifies the neurosis. – I know that after the modernization related to the expansion of the ice rink, there will be more players representing Malborg on the national team at home and abroad and in the future.

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Hockey in Malborg. Junior teams compete in the city …