Major Crimes Season 6: Is The Series Cancelled Or Renewed?

Major Crimes Seasons 6

Everyone deserves a moment of sorrow, which is why, in an unexpected twist, “Major Crimes” creator James Duff Killed the show’s primary character, LAPD Commander Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell), four episodes before the series finale on Tuesday night.

Major Crimes Season 6

“No one wanted the concert to come to an end… “The people who wrote it, the individuals who acted in it, the crew, the studio [Warner Bros.], everyone — we’re all saddened by the conclusion of ‘Major Crimes’ ” Duff says. “We assumed the audience would want to grieve with us and that a shock would help them get there.”

It’s time to say goodbye to Major Crimes after six years. Deadline reported in October 2017 that TNT’s crime-solving drama would be ending following this year’s finale. So longtime fans of the program won’t be surprised to learn that Major Crimes will not return for Season 7 after the two-hour series finale on January 9, but that doesn’t make the blow any less devastating.

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Who is in the Cast of Major Crimes Season 6?

Several characters from ‘The Closer’ reprise their roles in this crime drama. Mary McDonnell stars as Sharon Raydor, and G.W. Bailey as Louie Provenza (a Detective Lieutenant and second in command of the Major Crimes Division).

Tony Denison plays Andy Flynn, another Detective Lieutenant in the department. Detective Lieutenant Michael Tao is played by Michael Paul Chan. Detective Julio Sanchez is played by Raymond Cruz, and Civilian Coordinator Buzz Watson is played by Phillip P Keene.

Major Crimes Season 6

Jon Tenney portrays Deputy Chief Fritz Howard, a retired FBI special agent. There are additional characters in addition to the originals from the prequel. Rusty Beck, Sharon Raydor’s adopted son, is played by Graham Patrick Martin.

Emma Rios, played by Nadine Velazquez, is a Deputy District Attorney. Billy Burke plays Phillip Stroh, a competent defense attorney who also happens to be a serial killer and a rapist.

What is the Plot of Major Crimes?

‘Major Crimes’ begins by following up the threads left by ‘The Closer.’ Sharon Raydor is elevated to head and Commander of the Major Crimes Division after Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson leaves the Los Angeles Police Department.

Throughout the first season, she strives to gain the trust and respect of her fellow officers (who are still reeling from the departure of their old leader). She is also shown resolving the majority of the department’s high-profile cases. Amy Sykes, a bright new detective, also joins the team.

Sharon implements a slew of contentious new policies, which have bad implications at crime scenes. Another cost-cutting policy is being implemented, which allows the LAPD to make agreements with offenders rather than getting confessions from them.

These alterations pique the interest of the crew’s major officers, particularly Major Crimes’ senior officer, Lieutenant Provenza.

Sharon nurtures Rusty, whom she later adopts, on a personal level. This adds to her personal stress, which eventually spills over into her professional life, as Rusty is a major witness in the prosecution of serial killer Philip Stroh.

Major Crimes Season 6 Trailer:

The official trailer for season 6 of ‘Major Crimes’ can be found below. If you haven’t seen the show yet, go to TNT and catch up on all of its past seasons.

How Many Episodes of Major Crimes Will There Be After Sharon’s Death?

A few episodes before the show’s conclusion, Major Crimes made the startling choice to murder its major character Sharon Raydor.

Sharon Raydor’s character gained a devoted following throughout the course of both The Closer and Major Crimes, thus it came as a surprise when she died not only in the last season but four episodes before the finale.

Raydor’s heart problems were revealed in Season 6, and she was later diagnosed with a cardiac ailment in the episode “Sanctuary City: Part 4.” As a result, she nearly cancels her wedding to detective Andy Flynn (Tony Denison, Prison Break), but she eventually goes forward with the ceremony.

Major Crimes Season 7

Many fans were outraged by Sharon Raydor’s untimely death and the removal of Mary McDonnell’s name from the credits of the remaining episodes. Creator James Duff (Star Trek: Picard) will later disclose that her death was intended to loom over the team in the final episodes and provide closure to the show.

He also thought Sharon’s death in Major Crimes’ last episode would have been a depressing way to end the series. Raydor died a little earlier so that viewers and other characters may lament both her death and the end of the episode.

Will Major Crimes Return for a Seventh Season?

The network confirmed on October 3, 2017, that the sixth season would be it’s final. “As many of you have mentioned, this was not a surprise,” says main actress Mary McDonnell. It was evident that the writing was on the wall.

Trying to make sense of TNT’s decisions is something that James Duff, Mike Robin, and the rest of us have been doing for a long time.”

So, after 105 episodes and a two-hour finale, this crime-solving show has come to an end. If you were let down by the series’ conclusion, you may be wondering if it will be picked up by other streaming sites.


“Major Crimes” may not have been the most trendy or edgy show on the air, but it had a lead character with exceptional moral fortitude and courage. The drama also exhibited strong storytelling abilities.

Several members of its cast had been with the show for the entire 13-year run of “The Closer” and its spin-off, “Major Crimes.” The conclusion of this 13-year franchise felt abrupt and dissonant for a smoothly operating company with a proven track record of accomplishment.

Regardless of the different excuses presented for Raydor’s premature departure, it still doesn’t make much sense to me. I appreciate wanting to wrap up the show’s story in a decisive way, but forcing fans to watch the show’s final arc play out without its central character didn’t feel like the ideal approach to pay honor to the show’s group dynamics, or to the show’s team leader.

Raydor’s astute leadership was crucial — until she suddenly vanished. Overall, it’s a twist that the powers-that-be should have left on the cutting room floor.


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