Maduro condemns Venezuela's exclusion from US vaccine donor list

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Maduro condemned the US decision to exclude Venezuela from the region, with Washington donating Govt-19 vaccines.

“They are pathetic, they hate us, but Venezuela will have its vaccines, ”Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday.

Maduro said the United States was maintaining "a terrible and pathetic persecution" against Venezuela, so that vaccines did not reach the country.

“Government [Presidente norte-americano] Joe Biden is going to vaccinate the people of the world, but not for Venezuela (…) because they have low and pathetic feelings against the country because we are insurgents, we are Bolivarians, we will continue to do that, ”he said.

On Thursday, Biden announced that the United States would donate 80 million vaccines, two-thirds of which will be distributed to Latin America and the Caribbean by the Covit-19 Global Access Fund (COVAX).

"We are sharing these doses, not to get help or benefits. We are sharing these vaccines to save lives," the White House said in a statement.

On the same day, US Ambassador to Venezuela James Story announced that Caracas would be excluded from the list of countries that have received donated vaccines due to the Maduro government's "lack of transparency" about the local vaccine.

"This does not mean that we will never or never get vaccines for Venezuela. In this first round, Venezuela did not enter this list because of the lack of transparency in providing vaccines to those in need," he said. In a video posted online.

The diplomat outlined that "there must be a transparent system for the use of the vaccine", which "should not depend on the homeland card". [associado ao Partido Socialista Unido da Venezuela, no poder], Or befriend someone who is affiliated or working with the regime ".

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“It should not depend on one political position, but on the needs of each individual,” he said.

Since March 2020, Venezuela has been in solitary confinement, currently following a seven-day relaxation regime, followed by seven days of rigorous imprisonment.

To local newspapers, Venezuela has so far announced the arrival of at least two million vaccines from Chinese Sinoform and Russian Sputnik V.

According to the Venezuelan Medical Association, 40 million doses of vaccines are needed.

However, Caracas announced that it had purchased more than 11 million vaccines against Kovit-19 through the Kovacs operating system.

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