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LOVE IS BLIND: When Will Second Season of Blind Dating Come?

LOVE IS BLIND: When Will Second Season of Blind Dating Come?

Have you ever thought of dating without seeing each other’s faces? This concept is new for most of us and made us realize that love can really be blind.

This concept is the main theme of the show Love is Blind, about which we are going to chit chat today.

Chris Coelen is the creator of the dating reality show that got released on 13th February 2020 on Netflix.

Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, Ally Simpson, Eric Detwiler, and Terrance Villarreal are the executive producers of the American show.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey are the presenters of the show.

Love is Blind has completed its single-season successfully with 14 episodes.

What Is The Plotline of The Show Love Is Blind?

Love is Blind Season 2

The format of the series follows 30 men and women who have the desire to find true love. In a speed dating format, the contestants are made to talk to each other for ten days. But the twist is that they can’t see each other.

Based on these meets, men can decide to propose to a lady for marriage. After the proposal, couples are made to see each other face to face for the first time. The engaged couples move forward to a couples retreat in Mexico, particularly in Playa del Carmen.

While enjoying the trip, the contestants get a chance to know their partner and meet the other participating couples on the trip.

After attending couples retreat, the couples who are engaged move into an apartment situated in Atlanta. During this experience, they are allowed to meet the family of their partner.

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They can explore the living pattern of the partner. After exploring and experiencing, the engaged couples decide to get married, and all the rituals and ceremonies are conducted. They take the final decision of getting parried or splitting the wedding, where they also answer the question, Is love blind?

The Release Date

When Will The Second Season of The Show Love Is Blind Come Into Existence For The Audience?

Love is Blind Season 2

The shooting of the second season started in April that gave us solid information about the existence of the second season. We can expect to appear in December 2021, but we also have our eyes on 2022.

The first season got released just before valentine’s day. If the makers will follow the previous pattern then we can expect it around valentine’s day only. To complete the show’s anniversary, maybe the makers will choose the same route again.

According to Lachey’s statement, we had an idea that they are shooting for Season 2 and Season 3 simultaneously. This news made the fans very happy. We can say that Season 3 is also not that far now.

We will update the section just after the announcement. However, right now, no announcement has been made regarding Love is Blind Season 2.

What Are The Names of The Contestants Involved In The Reality TV Show Love Is Blind?

The contestants who participated in the first season of Love is Blind are as follows:

Lauren Speed is 32 years old content creator. She is married to Cameron Hamilton, a 28 years old data scientist.

Amber Pike is a 27 years old Ex-tank mechanic. She is married to Matthew Barnett, a 27 years old engineer.

Giannina Gibella is a 25 years old woman, who is a business owner. She broke her relationship with Damian Powers, a 27 years old general manager, at the beginning of 2021.

Jessica Batten is a 34 years old regional manager. She split at the wedding with Mark Cuevas, a 24 years old fitness trainer.

Kelly Chase is a 33 years old woman, employed as a holistic health and empowerment coach. She split at the wedding with Kenny Barnes, 27 years old man working in sales.

Diamond Jack is a 28 years old woman who was employed as an NBA dancer. She split before the wedding with Carlton Morton, a 34 years old Social Media Marketer.

Danielle Drouin is a 27 years old woman and a yoga instructor. She split before the wedding with Rory Newbrough, a 28 years old Senior Consultant and Content Creator.

Lexie Skipper is a 26 years old Sales manager. She split before the wedding with Westley Baer, a 27 years old Sales Manager and life coach.

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The following member of the show are not engaged:

Lauren “LC” Chamblin is 26 years old recruiter or account executive.

Matt Thomas is a 28 years old director of Brawl for a cause.

Taylor Lupton is a 31 years old working as a creative director.

Ryan Martin is 29 years old man working in automotive sales.

Alyson Costa is a 36 years old pediatric nurse and client relations director.

Andy Rickert is a 30-year-old man employed as a welder.

Briana Holmes is a 24 years old CEO of a nonprofit and web designer.

Kenneth Smith is a 36 years old woman employed as a Master Barber and Shop owner.

Ebony Alexis is a 30 years old journalist.

Jon Smith is a 38 years old man and also the CEO of Storm Restoration Services.

India Bridgeforth is a 29 years old project manager.

Mikey Cobb is a 31 years old business analyst.

Kay Mitchell is a 30 years old administrative director.

Lillie Williams is a 36 years old man who is also the CEO of the PR agency.

Love is Blind Season 2

What Are The Ratings of The Show Love Is Blind?

The critical consensus says that the show is addictive but also problematic. The version of romance shown in it is more toxic than aspirational. It has scored 68% on average Tomatometer. The average audience score is 56% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Love is Blind has a rating of 6.1 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can Watch The Show Love Be Blind?

Love is Blind is only available on Netflix. We will let you know when it will be made available on other platforms.


Dating without seeing each other is a totally new concept. The most interesting section is that the couples are still together and are enjoying themselves.

Will you date anyone without seeing his/her face? Let us know in the comment section below.

Until then, keep enjoying Love is Blind!

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