When Can We Expect Love, Death + Robots Season 2?


Love, Death and Robots is back with Season 2! The show has been nominated for an Emmy Award. It’s the first animated series to be nominated in this category. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you next season.

Everything We Know So Far About Season 2 of Love, Death & Robots

The film, Love, Death & Robots, was a huge hit with Netflix’s customers. But was it strong enough to warrant a second season? Let’s explore.

 It quickly became one of the world’s most popular Netflix anthology series after it debuted. Every episode has its own unique angle, and it may take days to process everything you’ve learned. We’ve got you covered, as usual with all of the information on season 2 .


Is a second season of ‘Love, Death & Robots’ on the way?

The Netflix original anthology series “Love, Death, and Robots” is coming back. The series’ first season was composed of 18 short, unique animated episodes, created by Tim Miller and produced by David Fincher. It went over well, and on June 10, 2019, Netflix renewed the series for a second season. We’ve even received a few teasers, but they all only include material from the first season.

There’s also word that Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who helmed Kung Fu Panda 3, will work as a supervising director on season 2.

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‘Love, Death and Robots’ will return! After years of breaking records together, actor and producer Rainn Wilson (left) are bringing his talents to the small screen as one of the cast members for The Office spin-off. Netflix confirmed on July 17th that he will star in Better Call Saul’s second season as Dr. Horrible’s lawyer defense attorney, Gordon Skrapnel.

When Is The Release Date For  Season 2?

 The first season was projected to take a long time to complete. With that in mind, the next season is not anticipated to be available on Netflix for a long time. However, we may infer where production is located based on a February 2020 interview with one of the composers Rob Cairns. ‘I’ve seen a few of the Season 2 scripts and started discussions with directors, played around with sound,’ he added in the interview.


‘Some of the episodes were essentially completed,’ Cairns says. “We had the animation up and running, but we were waiting for the last scene assembly with all of the special effects and stuff.”

This indicates that the new season is now in full production. The expected launch date for Love, Death, and Robots is late 2020 or early 2021.

Have a look at the trailer of the movie below.


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