Los Angeles County: Sherriff Says He Won’t enforce vaccine mandate


A vaccination mandate has been introduced in Los Angeles County, which is being called the strictest vaccine mandate ever, everyone must get vaccinations under this mandate, only religious and medical reasons are exempted.

The biggest obstacle to this mandate has been put by the statement of Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

During a Facebook Live on Tuesday, Sherrif says that he won’t enforce the vaccine mandate of Los Angeles County in his agency.

Alex Villanueva is in charge of the county’s largest sheriff and about 18,000 employees work under him. They have opposed the vaccine mandate that mandated vaccination for all their employees.

He has given very strange reasoning behind opposing the vaccine mandate. He said that he does not want to lose his employees overnight due to this vaccine mandate. He said that due to this vaccine mandate, they will have a staff shortage of about 5 to 10 per cent, Which is bad enough for their job. He said that his employees would prefer to be terminated over being vaccinated.

Such a statement of Alex has come when about 26000 people have died from Corona in the county.

The county has a population of about 10 million people. In this population of 10 million, so far about 78% of people have received the first dose of the vaccine And 69% of the people are such that they have got both doses of the vaccine.

According to health reports, 14 deaths are taking place every day due to coronavirus in the county. About 50 per cent of beds have been booked in hospitals. The situation in the county is getting worse day by day. Citizens are getting affected by a day by day. , Which is considered very dangerous by experts  And taking the vaccine is being considered very necessary.

This vaccine mandate is being considered necessary to prevent such deaths and virus.