Longmire Season 7: Will There Be a Season 7 of Netflix’s Longmire?

Longmire Season 7

Longmire is a modern Western crime drama television series developed by David Coveney and Hunt Baldwin. Since the last time we saw something like this, it’s been a long time! There are significant differences in how crime, punishment, and justice function in a distant village and how they act in a cosmopolitan city.

Amazingly, Longmire has brought back the old-fashioned, no-nonsense attitude that made him famous. It also does a terrific job of it. Longmire’s sixth season is likewise a must-see television show.

Apparently, there is no limit to the number of criminal stories that may be discovered. To put it another way, we don’t have a dearth of crimes or crime dramas on the air. However, hardly every crime drama can compete with what Longmire has done thus far.

The dry and harsh landscape, as well as the perceptible build-up of tension, may bring to mind great films such as No Country for Old Men and The Departed, as well as the setting of Chinatown. Specifically, the last season of this television series is the subject of this piece. The program has six seasons, and I’m writing about the sixth season, which is the most recent.

Longmire Season 7


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Longmire Season 7 Update

The intensity of the action has reached a fever pitch in the sixth season. Season 6 illustrates the continuation of the events that took place in each season prior to it. Finally, it brings the story to a joyful conclusion. The circumstances behind Jack’s death (which began), the severity of Jake’s injuries (which ended), and Will’s reappearance were all subjected to extensive investigation.

The characters have progressed significantly over the course of the previous five seasons. They are not the same individuals they used to be. As a result of their mother’s death in an aircraft crash, Victor and his two younger brothers were raised by an uncle who was both harsh and careless toward them.

The youngsters had been deprived of food, mistreated, and neglected. As Cady tried to form bonds with her father and brother after experiencing so much emotional turmoil, she felt abandoned. It is as a result of their journey together that they have reached at this critical juncture. The culmination of the group’s finding is the defining event in Chapter 6 of the novel.


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Longmire Season 7 Cast

Sheriff Walt Longmire of Absaroka County, Wyoming, serves as the show’s protagonist. Sheriff of Absaroka is a fictional town in the American West, where he lives with his family. When he needs it most, he can always count on the support of Cady Longmire, Henry, Henry’s wife, and his trusted subordinates, Vic Moretti and Ferg.

  • Walt Longmire
  • Henry Bear Standing
  • Vic Moretti
  • Cady Longmire
  • Branch Connelly
  • Zack Heflin
  • Nightrose
  • Malachi

Longmire Season 7 Recap

This season’s Longmire ended in a way that I’m sure many fans liked. I think the season was great overall. It stretched the actors, addressed lingering concerns, and ended on a happy note. Spoilers follow.

Last season, Walt Longmire went beyond in his pursuit of Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez). In season 6, he regained a more balanced view of Nighthorse, even appreciating him. Because Malachi Strand (Graham Greene) is the REAL bad guy. He tried to kill everyone in season 6.

Longmire entrusted the investigation and capture of the criminal people to his buddy Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) and his subordinates Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) and Ferg (Adam Bartley). The issues were the same as in the rest of the country: narcotics and corruption.

Longmire Season 7

Cady (Cassidy Freeman), Walt’s daughter, fell out of favor with the Cheyennes this season. Cady lost all her customers after a scarlet fever case involving a Cheyenne youngster. She almost left town but was stopped in Wyoming by Zach, Walt’s former employee (Barry Sloane). Cady also changed her mind about leaving town for an unspecified cause. It was a plot twist.

After season 5, Vic was pregnant, but not far along. She gets shot and loses the baby in season 6. Season 6 focused on grieving the loss. It allowed Katee Sackhoff to demonstrate more emotional depth in her role.


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When I posted this essay regarding Walt and Vic’s age gap, I realized many book fans believed they should be together on TV as well. I disagreed, but in season 6 those supporters were rewarded. Vic showed Walt she cared for him without ever expressing so. He finally took action, even though he was her supervisor and shouldn’t have.

Vic’s preparation for the last episode, with her talking to her dad (John Doman) about becoming a “girl”, her grief over her lost baby, and her concern for Walt’s safety, didn’t prepare me for her change. After a spectacular sex scene with Vic, she transforms into a cute hausfrau who stays home while Walt goes on excursions. Nope.


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