Locke & Key Season 2| Release Date| Trailer and Cast


The show has been on hiatus for a while, but it’s finally back! We can’t wait to see what happens next. Locke & Key Season 2 will be premiering on Netflix October 15th and we’re so excited! Watch the trailer now and get ready for this new season of your favorite show!

The second season of Netflix’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key comic book is scheduled to premiere soon. As the streaming service has already unveiled its release date and publication date, as well as a trailer, we are now waiting for it to arrive on our screens.

Lockey & Key was a successful series that quickly gained a large following after its debut season. The first season was released on February 7, 2020, and it has since become one of the most popular horror shows available on Netflix.

The narrative of the first season is about three youngsters named Bode, Tyler, and Kinsey. They discover several strange magic keys at their father’s house, which was destroyed in a murder by a previous student named Sam lesser.


You’ll be ecstatic about Lockey and Key season 2‘s arrival before Halloween, especially since it will premiere just prior to the holiday. For all Locke & key fans, we’ve compiled all of the information we know about the second season.

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When Will the Second Season of Locke & Key Arrive?

The second season of the program will premiere on streaming giant Netflix just before Halloween on Friday, October 22. There is still a lot of time left for you to cover up the first season of this immensely popular horror series, which is now available on Netflix if you haven’t watched season 1 of the program. Before that season 2 release date was announced in June, it had already been leaked in June.

We’ve now received a confirmed launch date from the developers. Now that you have completed this book, I would like to encourage you to wait for the series to be broadcast on television.


Who Are the Actors in the Second Season of Locke and Key?

When it comes to the cast of Locke and Key season 2, we’re anticipating that all of the previous season’s protagonists will return. The most popular names include-

  • Laysla De Oliveira plays Dodge.
  • Scot Cavendish is played by Patrice Jones.
  • Jackie Veda is played by Genevieve Kang.
  • Nina Locke is portrayed by Darby Stanchfield.
  • Tyler Locke is played by Ryan Ruckledge.
  • Kinsey Locke is played by Emilia Jones.
  • Bode Locke is played by Jackson Robert Scott.
  • Griffin Gluck as Gabe

We’ll also see Bill Heck return as Locke’s dead father, and Cody Bird will reprise his role as Rufus Whedon. Aside from that, you’ll discover Aaron Ashmore as Duncan Locke and Halle Jones as Eden Hawkins. Season 2 will expand on many of the characters introduced in season 1, adding new cast members as needed to match the story.

The Tick actor Brendan Hines will also feature in the series on a regular basis. Hines will essay the position of new history instructor at Matheson Academy, according to Deadline’s sources. In the second season, Liyou Abere will return as a new friend of Bode’s called Amie Bennet.

What’s Going to Happen in the Second Season of Locke and Key?

The plot is expected to continue from where the first season of the program left off. The demon who took on the forms of Dodge, Gabe, and Lucas has also outsmarted the Locke family. It’s not only the Locke Family Deal, but the fact that they’ve been duped by a demon is beyond the Omega Door. It appears that the demon also has control of Eden at this time.

In the future season, we may anticipate even more doors, keys, and demons. According to a post on Instagram by Connor Jessup. He teased what additional keys we may see in season 2, but the spoilers continue below, and he covered up the new keys that will appear in season 2.

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It’s now conceivable that the second season of the program may depart somewhat from the comic book. It also implies that this time, we may see some completely new and innovative material.


We’ve got some wonderful news for all of you devoted fans. Yes, there will be a new season. In December 2020, a third season was announced following the second season’s release. Filming on Locke and Key season 3 began in May and is expected to be completed soon.

It’s a great feeling to know that there will be a third season. Although I didn’t care much for “Castle,” it is a very intriguing series to have on Netflix’s list. We’re also just like any other fans eager to see the next seasons of the program.

Keep checking our website for the most recent developments since we will be updating it as soon As Soon As We Get Them.


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