Live Updates: Oregon Ducks and USC Trojans in Pack-12 Championship Game

LOS ANGELES – Oregon Ducks face off at the 13th USC Trojans at the Pac-12 Championship Game we are live from La Memorial College.

The ducks are three points behind

Update this page to follow live updates from today’s game.

Half: Oregon 21, USC14

– Pass to Drake London 8. Incomplete pass. Incomplete pass with compensating penalties, re-enables third and second. Wrong start. Incomplete. Parker misses Lewis 41-yard field goal wide.

– Loses Play-Action Pass for Hunter Composer 1. Tyler Show Designed Run 3. Travis runs to Dye 9 and down first. Sean dollars for 8 and 1. Anthony Brown came back down to hand over to Cyrus Habibi-Ligio. The Tyler Shock throw, intercepted by Connie Maguga, returned to UO 26 from 0:35 to half.

– No. 5 QB Kale Millan had the biggest hit on kickoff coverage. Keaton Slovis 11-yard pass to Miru McCoy. Stephen Carr runs for 5 runs, 7 for London and Nick Pickett’s unnecessary stiffness moves it to 15 yards UO 42. 2. Pass for 5. Slovis London fourth for 11 and three. Oregon Boss Rush forces are crumbling and incomplete. Stephen Carr 4. Big change pass back from Slovis to London, UO to SC 11. Carrie Bryant Jr. to 1. Pass 1. Marquez Step 1-Yard Touch Down Run. Oregon 21, USC 14 4:35

– Travis tie c for 3 runs after 11 runs. Oregon Time for Tyler Show to Micah Pitman at 11 U.S.C. 16. Tyler Show 16-Yard Touch Down Boss DJ. Oregon 21, USC 7 9:45

– Marquez Step Run 2. Incomplete pass. Brandon Torres Sack. Punt, who scored 38 near Jared Greenfield, was in charge of USC 41 in Oregon.

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– Tyler Shock stumbles and recovers from four losses. Compensatory penalties destroy the 4-yard pass. Show Scrambles 4. Punt for USC8.

1st quarter results: OREGON 14, USC 7

– Sean Dollars runs for 15 runs. Micah finishes for Bitman 7.

– 26-yard pass but the illegal blind block moves it 15 yards behind. Amon-Raw St. Brown gets 6 in the air. Stephen Carr ran for 6 runs and went down first. Run for 5. Keaton Slovis keeps alive playing 12-yard pass for St. Brown. In St. Brown’s 47-yard touchdown, Diomodore fell into Lenoir coverage. Oregon 14, USC 7 0:50

– Travis dye 4 run. The Tyler show deep shot for Devon Williams is incomplete. C.J. The incomplete pass for Johnson is split in the middle contact. Bunt.

– Stephen Carr runs for 1 run. Keaton Slovis goes to Trake 10 for London, then Michael Wright goes close to midfield for a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary toughness. Car 2. Slovis Pass 6. Car 1. Fourth and Inches: Kevon Thebodex blows for a run loss and the Ducks take 46 runs.

– Travis dye runs for 4 and 14. Tyler Show 14-yard touchdown bass to Hunter Composer. Oregon 14, USC 0 7:14.

– Pass to Kedon Slovis 8. Marquez Step 4 for 1, 4 for First Town. 2. Step 2. Slovis blocked Jamal Hill.

– Tyler Show Pass for Travis Dye 2. Talanova was sent off by Hofanga for seven losses. Incomplete pass. Punt, USC starts at 5 on its own after a penalty.

– Stephen Carr drives to USC5. Incomplete pass. Six car. Andrew Folio dismissed Ketone Slovis for 11. USC time ended before 4 and 23 p.m. Bunt.

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– Oregon 4-Pi-1 comes out blank and the screen pass is incomplete. Travis dye 7 runs. Oregon 7, USC 0 13:49

– The ducks come out in time and force back-and-forth imperfections, then Diomodor interrupts Lenoir and moves a masked ball to USC9.

– Oregon wins toss and postpones. Ducks kicking into the West End Zone.


R.P. CJ Vertell out It is believed to be a hand injury

– Backup security Steve Stephens IV is out

– TE Spencer Webb is dressed, but Cam McCormick is not traveling

– S. Steve Stephens IV does not seem to be here

– C.P. Donde Manning was out again

– SLP Adrian Jackson Jr. is not here

– ILP MJ Cunningham is not here

– W.R. Brian Addison is wearing No. 25

– S. Jared “J.J.” traveled to Greenfield

– QB J Butterfield He did not go on foot

– O.C. Jonathan Tennis is back with a second-team brigade, not a foot trip

How to see

When: 5 p.m.

TV Channel: Fox

Radio: 1080 “The Fan” in Portland, KUGN-AM 590 in Eugene

How to watch live online: Fox Sports Co.

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