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les 3 bases

This website is hosted in France and communicates with the world via the IP address The complete list of popular websites hosted in France can be found here.

les-3-bases-quinte.over-blog.com is a top-level domain that is registered under the.COM extension. Please take a look at the other sites in the.COM zone.

There were no name server records found.

and is most likely hosted by L’Odyssee Interactive Jeuxvideo.com, SAS, according to our information. See the complete list of websites hosted by L’Odyssee Interactive Jeuxvideo.com, SAS, including their contact information.

The highest-ranking position for the website les-3-bases-quinte.over-blog.com in the Alexa rank database was 174554, and the lowest ranking position for the website was 981421. It is currently ranked below 1 million in the Alexa rank database, which indicates that the site is not popular with visitors.

Les-3-bases-quinte.over-desktop blog.com’s speed score (64/100) is better than the results of 41.34 percent of other sites, indicating that the page’s desktop performance can be improved.

It is better than the results of 100 percent of other sites and indicates that the page is mobile-friendly. les-3-bases-quinte.over-blog.com’s mobile usability score (100/100) is higher than the results of 100 percent of other sites and signifies that the page is mobile-friendly.


In comparison to other websites, the mobile speed score of les-3-bases-quinte.over-blog.com (66/100) is significantly better than the results of 68.49 percent of other websites, indicating that the landing page performance on mobile devices is poor and could be improved.

We measured the load time of Les-3-bases-quinte.over-blog.com and discovered that the first response time was 283 ms and that it took 4 sec to load all DOM resources and completely render a web page. This is a disappointing result, given that 60 percent of websites can be loaded in less time.

In actuality, the main page of Les-3-bases-quinte.over-blog.com is 1.7 MB in size, which is quite small. This result is outside of the top 1 million websites and indicates a web page that is both large and poorly optimized, and as a result, may take a long time to load.

70% of websites require fewer resources to load than they did previously. Javascript consumes 1.2 MB of disc space, accounting for the vast majority of the site’s total size.

HTML Optimization

  • Original- 184.4 kB
  • After modification- 149.2 kB
  • After compression- 38.5 kB

The HTML content of a website can be minified and compressed by the server hosting the website. When it comes to compression, GZIP is the most efficient method because it reduces the amount of data that must travel through the network between the server and the browser.

This page’s HTML code needs to be minified because it can gain 35.2 kB, or 19 percent of its original size if it is compressed. Content on this website should be compressed using GZIP, as doing so can save up to 145.9 kB (or 79 percent of the original size) in comparison to the uncompressed version.

Optimization of Images

  • Original- 301.5 kB
  • After optimization- 296.0 kB
Image size optimization can help to reduce the time it takes for a website to load. The difference in size between the size before and after optimization is depicted in the graph above. The images on the Les 3 Bases Quinte Over Blog are, on the other hand, well-optimized.

JavaScript Performance Optimization

  • Original- 1.2 MB
  • After minification- 1.2 MB
  • After compression- 376.0 kB
It is preferable to minify JavaScript in order to improve the performance of a website. The diagram compares the current total size of all JavaScript files with the anticipated total size of all JavaScript files after minification and compression are performed.
It is highly recommended that all JavaScript files be compressed and minified because doing so can save up to 781.7 kB, or 68 percent of the original size of the JavaScript script.

CSS Optimization

  • Original- 54.4 kB
  • After minification- 51.9 kB
  • After compression- 10.5 kB

The minification of CSS files is extremely important for reducing the rendering time of a web page. The greater the speed with which CSS files can be loaded, the sooner a page can be rendered. Les-3-bases -quinte.over-blog.com requires all CSS files to be minified and compressed because doing so can save up to 43.9 kB, or 81 percent of the original size of the files.


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