Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 | Release Date | Cast And More

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

DC Universe’s famous series, Legends of Tomorrow Season 6, has come to its conclusion now. Many heartbreaking deaths, clever twists, and surprising elements make the series amazing. Here are some of the details of the sixth season.

Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Phil Klemmer are the developers of the science fiction superhero series that got released on 21st January 2016 on The CW.

Grainne Godfree, Sarah Nicole Jones, Glen Winter, and Vladimir Stefoff are the producers of the American show.

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Legends of Tomorrow has completed its six seasons with a total of 97 episodes.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

What Is The Plotline of The Sixth Season Of The Series Legends Of Tomorrow?

The series is all about a group of superheroes and villains who are called upon to fight a greater threat. They time travel to secure the universe. It is a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash and is set in the Arrowverse. A group of saviors of the world is known as the Legends. Rip Hunter, a Time Master, brings the legends together to stop Vandal from rattling time and destroying the lives of the people.

In the sixth season, the Waverider crew jumped to the future where Fated still had control over society, due to which heroes are forced to arrive at the Museum of Bad Ideas. It included the way to defeat the powerful goddesses.

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The other situation which they have to deal with is the kidnapping of Sara while returning to the Waverider. The Legends will also prepare for the battle against an armada of aliens. Sara and Ava will also give a name to their relation. Behrad will come up with some legendary plan, and the Legends will receive help from an unexpected person.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

The Release Date: When Was The Sixth Season Of The Series, Legends of Tomorrow Came Into Existence?

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 was released on 2nd May 2021 on The CW. It came to an end on 5th September 2021 with a total of 15 episodes.

What Are The Names of The Characters Involved In The Sixth Season of Legends of Tomorrow?

  • Sara Lance or White Canary, played by Caity Lotz, is a vigilante of Star City who was once a member of the League of Assassins. She has been resurrected by the mystical Lazarus Pit, after which she is suffering from rage. She soon becomes the leader of the Legends and captain of the Waverider.
  • Zari Tomaz and Zara Tarazi, played by Tala Ashe, is a computer hacker who came from 2042 and possessed aerokinetic powers obtained from a mystical amulet. She disappears and is replaced by his brother Zara Tarazi, who later joins the Legends.
  • Ava Sharpe, played by Jes Macallan, is the girlfriend of Sara Lance and was the director of the Time Bureau. After the closure of the Time Bureau, she becomes the co-captain of the Legends with Sara.
  • Astra Logue, played by Olivia Swann, is a woman who has been damned to hell as she has experienced exorcism done by Constantine. She is determined to move up in the food chain of hell.
  • Gary Green, played by Adam Tsekhman, is an agent of Time Bureau who serves under Director Rip Hunter. After the arrest of Hunter, he works under Ava Sharpe as the most loyal agent, but he soon betrays them and joins Neron and Tabitha.
  • Behrad Tarazi, played by Shayan Sobhian, is the deceased brother of Zari Tomaz, who is resurrected and replaced Zari later.
  • Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz, played by Lisseth Chavez, is a tough woman who is also self-sufficient. People call her paranoid, but she refers to herself as being prepared against the space aliens. She also believes that she can contact aliens through telepathy.
  • Gideon, played by Amy Louise Pemberton, is the artificial intelligence of Waverider. His first physical role appeared in the second season. His alternate version was also seen in The Flash.
  • Nate Heywood or Steel, played by Nick Zano, is the grandson of Commander Steel, who is a member of the Justice Society of America. He can transform into a steel-like form.
  • Mick Rory or Heat Wave, played by Dominic Purcell, is an arsonist and a career criminal. He uses a heat gun through which he can burn anything. He was recruited in the bounty hinters by the Time Masters and hunted the Legends. However, later he joins the team of Legends.
  • John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan, is a magician, con man, and detective.

What Are The Ratings of The Series, Legends Of Tomorrow?

The first season of the show didn’t receive a good rating but improved significantly in further seasons. Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 has received a good response from the audience and the critics as well. It has received a rating of 100% on the Tomatometer, based on seven critic ratings. The audience score is 65%, based on 152 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

Legends of Tomorrow has a rating of 6.8 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Sixth Season of Legends of Tomorrow?

There are many websites available on the Internet where you can watch the series. The most famous one is Amazon Prime. You can have a subscription or can buy the episodes from there.

You can also watch it on Vudu and iTunes after buying.

It is also available on Flicks.

If you want to watch previous seasons, then they are also available on Google Play. Netflix also premiers it but in selected regions.


Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 ended this month, and people are already waiting for the next season. Many unexpected things were seen in this season.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, you can watch it through the links mentioned above.


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