Ledia Wright: Black Panther star criticized for sharing anti-vaccine Govt video

Actor Lydia Wright faced criticism from followers after sharing an anti-vaccine video on her Twitter account.

This video denies the safety and efficacy of the potential Govit-19 vaccine and the safety of vaccines in general.

Wright is best known for playing D’Salla’s sister Shourie Black leopard And for his Emmy-winning role in the Avengers films and one episode Black glass.

The video he shared is an episode of the YouTube series On Table, in which a group discusses the topic of vaccination. At one point, presenter Tommy Aroomi says: “I don’t understand vaccines clinically, but I’m always been skeptical of them.”

British actor, currently seen in Steve McQueen film Small ax The BBC series has released a link to the video with the “Praying Hands” emoji.

When he was criticized by fans for this post, Wright insisted that it was “valid” to ask “what is” [a vaccine]”.

“If you do not agree with popular opinion. But ask questions, think for yourself … you will be canceled, ”he wrote quickly.

“‘Popular comments,’ You say scientific evidence? ‘ Wrote an answer.

The Independent Wright’s representatives have been contacted for comment.

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