The Real Stephanie From LazyTown Is Making Tik Tok Videos In Her Costume.


The second actress to take on the role of Stephanie, the energetic pink-haired female protagonist of the Nickelodeon series LazyTown, has reprised her part in a succession of short Tik Tok musical skits.

It’s been about six years since LazyTown has aired on Nickelodeon. That hasn’t stopped Chloe Lang, the actress who played one of the title characters, Stephanie, the energetic pink-haired girl in the series, to don the outfit and name again in a collection of humorous TikTok videos.

Her TikTok fame began with Lil Jon’s cover of the song her character performed, ‘Cooking By The Book,’ which was featured on his popular mixtape, ”Celebrated Summer’.

In the video, she begins with some well-known dance moves to her well-known song, but then busts out a few quite mature dances that are certainly not for the target audience of the program she was a part of.

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She also performed the song Savage by Megan Thee Stallion in a different video. When one user asked, “Omg, are you the girl who played Stephanie in LazyTown?” on the video, it got me thinking. ‘She replied with ‘still that b*tch.’ We suppose that it’s only natural since she’s now an adult.

Granted, since her videos went live, she has gained 14.8 million YouTube views, but not everyone who grew up watching the program when it was on in their youth appreciated this edgy side of her.

‘Did I just hear Stephanie from LazyTown dancing on the F-word? ‘, tweeted one fan. What’s next? ‘Does Dora the Explorer twerk alongside Megan Fox in a Michael Bay picture?’ I wondered.”

There will always be some supporters who react that way. Regardless, it appears that Chloe is enjoying her newfound popularity on Instagram and Tik Tok.

Chloe has worked in films and on television, including LazyTown (2004). She played Stepanie in Mask Face (2011) and Harper’s First Kiss (2018). You can find out more about her on Tik Tok here.

History of LazyTown

LazyTown is based on an Icelandic children’s play called Afram Latibaer! (Go, LazyTown!) Magnus Scheving, who plays the protagonist Sportacus in the series, is an Icelandic aerobics champion, actor, writer, entrepreneur, and producer.

The program was unusual in that it was created by a multinational crew that included Icelandic, British, and American actors. The success of Sesame Street led to the creation of numerous spin-off shows, including Big Bird and Elmo’s World.

In addition, it combined puppetry, computer animation, and live action, making it one of the most expensive children’s programs ever created. The initial response to the program was lukewarm, but it eventually gained acclaim.)

The program was praised by several publications and critics for encouraging people to exercise, with The Hollywood Reporter describing it as “educational, maybe even life-changing.” The program grew in popularity over the years, becoming somewhat of an Internet phenomenon with a devoted fan base.

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The late great Icelandic actor Stephen Karl Stephenson, who played the lead antagonist Robbie Rotten in some of our movies, and Julianna Rose Mauriello, who was the first actress to play Stephanie on YouTube videos and social media platforms, respectively. ‘We Are Number One’ and ‘You Are A Pirate’ are two songs that we frequently use on


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