Las Vegas Riders’ John Croton did not go to DD – ‘Don’t be a bit upset’

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas Riders coach John Croton acknowledged that November 22 were the fastest memories and visions he had ever scored against Kansas mayors. Patrick Mahoms Winning the game, at the last minute at Allied Stadium, could have affected his playcalling after a 26-25 defeat to the Miami Dolphins at the end of the last quiz on Saturday night.

Instead of the Dolphins seeming ready to surrender late in the game, the Raiders picked up the clock and ran back. Josh Jacobs Before the quarterback, go down the 1-yard line Derek Carr The third took a knee down. They settled for a 19-yard field goal to give Las Vegas a short, two-point lead.

“This play is about removing all the clock and all the time and putting your back against the wall with 19 seconds left,” Cruton said. “I do not regret it. I do not want to [Dolphins quarterback Ryan] Fitzpatrick To the ball. … I don’t want him to be in a four-level situation. He was a gunman; He was hot. That’s all I can say. I did not regret it a bit. Sorry for the results.

“But with 19 seconds left, in your own 25-yard line, without a deadline? I’ve been calling plays for a long time. The probability of doing that is remote.”

Unfortunately for Crouton, the Raiders’ defense infiltrated the next movement.

First down, the riders cornerback Damon Arnett Allow the Dolphins wide receiver Mac Hollins Run past him to the left without interruption. Fitzpatrick, with the Raiders defensive end Orton Key Turning his head, he unleashed a deep ball that ran under Hollins, leaving the Raiders on defensive backs. Isaiah Johnson Arrived late and dragged to pick up 34-yard.

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Key’s 15-Yard Face Mask Throw in the penalty and the Dolphins were within range of the field goal. After two photos, Jason SandersThe 44-yard field goal won by 1 second left.

“Unfortunately, they made a frustrating play,” Grouton said, “the penalty is horrendous.

“Fitzpatrick gives his boys opportunities that most quarterbacks do not take. He’s ready to throw football on the field in tight windows. … He’s got us.”

The car still feels the effects of the hip that sidelined him nine nights ago, and the Raiders were in a winning position – perhaps, he would not have given the best shot in the win over the Raiders.

The Raiders were 0-for-10 in third place against the Dolphins.

“It can be very tough,” Carr said, adding that he is with the Raiders in his seventh season and has seen his role with the team in highlights and lolites. “It’s hard, it’s a hard way to get out, especially for me in all the emotions of the week.”

The car crossed 33-yards at 21-of-34 and went 85-yard c-run touchdown Nelson Agolar.

“I’m not sick of our system,” Carr said. “I’m not sick for our safety. … My heart is bad for our fans.”

Carr said he agreed to Croton’s playcall at the last minute and said he would not touch down and went for a 2-point shift to force the Dolphins to get a DT score.

“I thought we did it completely,” the car said about the last driver. “I’m not sorry. You take all their time. You take all the time off the clock … … expecting you to win that game.

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“The way the coach handled it was right, his plays were right. His communication was – right. We regret it did not end with a single success.”

On five trips within the Miami 25-yard line, the Raiders came out on top with one touchdown and four field goals. According to the Associated Press, the Raiders have hit only two touchdowns in the last 13 full drives in the quarterback with the car. They have three DDs in six full drives behind the mobile and healthy. Marcus Mariotta.

The Raiders were in a tailspin as the Raiders hit a touchdown with 1:43 to take a three-point lead over the Premiers in the 11th week – 75 seconds later when the Mahomes started throwing a successful touchdown pass. Las Vegas has lost five of the six, including that defeat to Kansas City, dropping its record to 6-3 to 7-8.

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