LA issues home stay rules between COVID-19 spikes

City of Los Angeles a Modified shelter Wednesday night order reflecting LA County rules that went into effect Monday.

The city order prohibits people from gathering outside their homes immediately, with some exceptions, such as religious services and demonstrations.

Order tells people Stay at home, Which allows retail businesses to remain “open to Los Angeles County for personal shopping for retailers after the Department of Public Health’s Department’s implementation.”

Parks and trails are open along with golf courses, tennis courts and beaches. Music and television production is allowed.

“City and district orders are the same. There have been some minor differences in the past, but now they are the same, ”said Alex Kamisar, a spokesman for Mayor Eric Corsetti.

“My message can’t be simple: it’s time to sneak in,” Corsetti said Wednesday. “It simply came to our notice then. If it is not necessary, do not do it. ”

“Do not meet others outside your home. Do not hold a meeting, do not attend a meeting and do not follow the order of the safe house where our goal is, if you can stay at home, stay at home. Be smart. “

The county rules, though lower than the shelter order that began in the spring, still exist Strong restrictions on months.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said on Saturday that authorities believe that very narrowly designed controls will be enough to slow the spread of the corona virus without leading to drastic measures.

He said the county could be found if people did not follow safety precautions Came back to where it was in early spring. Government Gavin Newsom has said a statewide shelter order is necessary as COVID-19 cases are on the rise at an unprecedented rate.

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