Kevin Smith Reveals Details on Justice League 2 and 3


Kevin Smith Reveals Details on Justice League 2 and 3

The director of the upcoming “Justice League” film, Zack Snyder, has been very tight-lipped about what we can expect from the movie. But in a recent interview with Collider, filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed some details about what to expect from the sequel and third installment of this superhero team-up.

Here’s everything you need to know about these two films! Read more here!

Smith Discussed Details on the Sequels to Justice League 2 and 3 Aquaman

Did you realize that the Justice League was originally intended to be a three-part saga? Here’s a list of juicy nuggets of information we learned about the films’ themes.

We can now have a clearer picture of what we missed out on after Zack Snyder’s time with the DCEU is done. Enjoy Your Work and Your Life’s Work – As Tolstoy so eloquently put it – “All happy families resemble one another. You may take a lesson from anybody.” Businesses and professionals need to apply the same principles used by writers and artists to help them accomplish their goals.

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When you feel It’s not really a surprise that he has such a bad impression of DC and Warner Bros. Even so, there has been news about Snyder’s original plan. On his trip to London to visit the set of Justice League, Smith claims that certain facts came out on his visit that most people were unaware of.

Some of us knew that Snyder had originally intended Justice League to be a trilogy. However, the third part of the trilogy has only recently been revealed. The loss of this film may have been a major cinematic event, according to some members of the crew, thus adding to DC fans’ agony over the cancellation of the following two films.

Planning Was Already Done

When I visited, the whole trilogy spanned an enormous arc that incorporated new heroes and formidable villains from the DC Universe. In his own words, “I’m not a plotter. I always think in terms of narrative and really putting the story down on paper.” She also referred to artist and co-publisher from DC Jim Lee who had already drawn out storyboards for the trilogy and laid them out to fulfill Snyder’s vision.

The initial film, while it followed the plan somewhat, was not the one that was ultimately released. The heroes encounter Darkseid, and it sets the stage for the remainder of the series’ second movie.

In part two of the trilogy, the heroes journey to Apokolips and New Genesis in the remote reaches of space. The Apokolips story arc may or may not have featured inclusion, but Smith is confident that the second part of New Genesis will feature Darkseid as the villain, further developing on the teaser ending of part one.

In addition, he states that the Green Lantern Corps are somehow involved. Several DC enthusiasts have been calling for Green Lantern’s inclusion in the Justice League. The second part of the trilogy appears to keep this promise. In an interview with Collider, Smith revealed that the first two Justice League movies ended badly, just like Infinity War and The Empire Strikes Back.

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The heroes would return to earth reduced to a hunk of burning ash during their time in the cosmos battling on Apokolips in part three. In accordance with Bruce’s nightmare sequence in Batman v Superman, the world is reduced to ashes. The saga’s final showdown takes place as the heroes prepare their last stand against Darkseid. Following the three-movie contract’s ending, it was reduced to only two films. Now, though, it’s down to one. However, considering all of the cutting that occurred, it’s understandable why Snyder would want to avoid the studio in the future.

What’s the Deal with the Snyder Cut?

There has been a lot of demand from DC fans for the Snyder Cut of Justice League to be released after the film. According to Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), who has seen the Snyder Cut himself, fans need this version of the film in their lives.

However, if it were to happen, fans would feel even more desolate than they already do because it will confirm that the three-film series planned by the original Justice League never took place. The Snyder Cut focuses on Darkseid as the ultimate antagonist, whereas the theatrical version emphasized Steppenwolf.

At the conclusion of the Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman slays Steppenwolf and we see a glimpse of Darkseid via a Boom Tube, which was meant to lead into part two of the trilogy.

Unfortunately, we’ll never see what Zack Snyder intended for the rest of the series. RIP Justice League.


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