Kate Movie Review : What Happened In The End?


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About kate Movie:

A high-profile assassin becomes die-hard to strike down the person who poisoned her, with just 24 hours left to live. Did she get her retribution (and her Boom Boom Lemons)?

A streaming service for $7.99 per month, Hulu has some original and exclusive content available in addition to the existing catalog of popular series and movies that may be found on any other streaming platform. You can watch it instantly with no time limits or contracts. It’s a unique combination of violent combat and Japanese Kawaii culture.

The film’s title character, a girl named Angelina (also nicknamed “Narcissus”), goes on an adventure to find out who poisoned her.

She forms an unlikely friendship with the daughter of one of her previous killers.

So, did Kate succeed in finding the individual she was searching for?

Here’s a closer look at everything that occurs in Netflix’s.

What Is the Ending of ‘Kate’ About?

Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a high-profile assassin who works in Tokyo’s bustling metropolis.

Her mentor Varrick (Woody Harrelson) raised her after losing both of his parents as a young girl. She has a lot of experience and is really skilled. She also adores Boom Boom Lemons. Yes, there is a role for the Boom Boom Lemons in this film.

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The film begins with Kate murdering a Yakuza member. It should have been another typical high-profile affair.

However, when she sees that the target’s daughter is with him, Kate loses her nerve and does not fire the weapon. Nonetheless, Kate is forced to follow orders.


After shooting him, however, she feels awful about her action. She explains to Varrick that she will only perform one more kill in order to conclude the Yakuza contract and retire. Last but not least, she’s been ordered to kill Kijima, the Yakuza leader and brother of the man she previously assassinated.

However, on her last mission, Kate becomes dizzy and misses her chance. She began vomiting and becoming increasingly faint.

Kate awakes in a hospital, having been injured in a car accident while attempting to flee the Yakuza.

She is informed that she has severe radiation poisoning and just 24 hours to live.

She collects a handful of stimulants and chemicals to counteract the poison’s ill effects. The next 24 hours will be critical for her to look for and bring down the individual who poisoned her.

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Who Poisoned Kate?

Kate, upon learning her present situation, traces the guy she hooked up with the night before. However, he confesses that he was only doing what the Yakuza told him to do under Kijima’s family. He claimed that he had no idea what he gave to her was harmful.

The Yakuza’s leader Kijima (Jun Kunimura) may have poisoned him to avenge his brother’s death, according to Varrick (Reece Ritchie), who tells her that the clan’s leader Kijima (Ikkyu Usuda) might be involved. Kijima is Ani’s uncle, as well as the brother of the character killed earlier in the movie. After Kate shot her father, Kole escaped and left Ani (Miku Martineau) behind.

However, we later learn that this isn’t the case.

Varrick was in cahoots with Renji (Tadanobu Asano). Renji is the only person who has direct contact with Kijima.

Renji desires to kill Kijima so he might take his seat. After they murdered Kijima, Renji and Varrick struck a bargain to bring Varrick into the syndicated group.

Renji is afraid that if he allows Kate to retire, she would reveal all of her previous Yakuza activities. After Kijima was murdered, Varrick told Renji that they may kill Kate after she completes her mission.

Varrick is confident that Kate would reconsider her decision to retire, and they do not have to kill her anymore. Renji carries out his threat, however, despite her pleading. To get rid of Kate, he planned the poisoning episode.


When Kate finally encounters Kijima, she discovers that they have both been betrayed by their families. When their secrets are exposed, Kijima and Ani strike back together to save themselves.

Is There An Antidote For The Poison?

Sadly, no. Kate takes advantage of her last few doses of stimulants to save Ani, who is on death’s door. As Kasumi and the others arrive at Renji’s hideout, they are attacked by Kijima’s forces. They gain access to the top floors, where they find him and Varrick.

The leech in Ani’s family is slain, and Kijima destroys the parasite within his lineage. It was meant to be a happy conclusion. Unfortunately, the poisons’ effects are permanent.

In the end In Ani’s arms, Karen died.

Is it possible that Kate received her lemons?

The name of the beverage is Boombastic Lemons, and it’s a Japanese Soda. It’s referred to throughout the movie.

Kate loves them. It’s her comfort drink. Varrick used to give his daughter Kate Boom Boom Lemons when she was young, and he gave her the same soda that he drank himself when Ani’s father was murdered at the start of the film.

Kate has been looking for Boom Boom Lemons as desperately as she looked for the individual that poisoned her when she learns that she has 24 hours left to live.

Finally, she obtains them when she goes to rescue Ani in Kijima’s car.

What Happens To Ani?

Ani is a feisty, Kawaii young girl. Kate is working with her when Renji’s men attempted to murder her. However, after she sees Renji waiting for them in Varrick’s place, she quickly corrects her mistake.

Varrick wishes to teach Ani how to take Kate’s place, which Kate would never allow.She was able to save her at the end of the film. Although the movie concludes with Kate’s death, it is reasonable to assume that Kijima will look after Ani.

All things considered, he blames himself for letting her go when her father was murdered.

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