‘Joker’ 2 Release Date, Cast: Everything You Need To Know!


What is Joker 2? The sequel to the 2016 movie, “Joker,” which was directed by Todd Phillips and starred Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck. It’s set in 1981 and follows a failed stand-up comedian who turns to crime after being rejected from society. This film will explore Arthur’s life before he became Batman’s nemesis, with Robert De Niro playing his father. Other cast members include Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Marc Maron, and Shea Whigham. 

Everything We Know So Far About ‘The Joker’ 2

Is The Joker’s record-breaking success a sign of things to come for its sequel? Here’s the latest update.

Although the film was supposed to be a one-time thing, since it was such a success at the box office, many people have been wondering if a sequel is in the works.

The comic-book movie with Joaquin Phoenix, which had a budget of more than $1 billion, earned over $1 billion in ticket sales. The film has won numerous accolades, including an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for Phoenix.

With such a large following, most people are waiting for decision-makers to reverse their opinions and produce a sequel. Are you confident they’ll capitalize on the opportunity?

Here’s what we know thus far.

Is the ‘Joker’ sequel happening with Joaquin Phoenix?

The fact is that there has yet to be any news about a Joker sequel. Reputable sources had various reports on the subject back then, so we’re all currently walking down a dark road.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel is in the works, with Todd Phillips returning as director.

The rumors surrounding a sequel to the now-canceled ‘Joker’ TV series picked up steam when it was reported that Warner Bros. is developing a new Joker origin story with The Hangover and Get Out director Todd Phillips as producer, according to on Deadline, which denied this while Variety stated that a sequel is being considered but is still in its

Philips also wanted to make sure that the sequel met the original’s artistic level.

Of course, it’s understandable. The original film set such a high bar, and the sequel should at least match it, if not surpass it.

With that in mind, the possibility of Joker 2 being as dark as Gotham City is extremely high.

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However, in May 2021, another source claimed that Phillips had “finalized a deal” to co-write the sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the data came from an industry lawyer profile. Warren Dern, an attorney at Phillips’ legal team, was one of the attorneys on profile. “When you’re ready to really get out there and take your career in a new direction, we’ve got you covered. And, when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service, no one does it better than us.”

Although it sounds as if this will happen, Philips has yet to confirm. Given that it came from his lawyer, it might very well be all the proof we needed.

What Will the Plot of ‘Joker’ 2 Be?

Things are still up in the air, but if we go by how Joker ended, the sequel is likely to pick up from where Arkham State Hospital left off, with Joker imprisoned.

At the conclusion of the film, Arthur Fleck, a.k.a. Joker, is seen dancing down the corridor of the hospital, leaving crimson footprints in his wake.

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He has taken on his new identity and is now on the road to being Batman’s notorious nemesis. Although, it’s unclear who will be his adversary in this story since Wayne is still a kid in this timeline.

The second film will continue to explore their relationship, as it has shown that he is Wayne’s half-brother.

Although the mass shooting has concluded, there are still unanswered questions. As The Washington Post wrote, “Who is Harley Quinn?” Surprisingly, it sounds like she may be alive! However, according to Philips Healthcare’s Twitter account, Joker did not kill his neighbor and love interest, Sophie.

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A sequel is yet unconfirmed, but it would be fantastic to see Joaquin Phoenix reprise his role as Professor John Archibald Pym again.

This is a current article that will be updated as new information becomes available. So stay tuned.


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