John Adam Survived The Death After Being Stab On His Chest By A Serial Killer


When you got stabbed by a man in your chest? What is the first thing you can imagine? I don’t know about you but John Adams has been living in this situation. John Adams, who didn’t even know that he would have met the circumstances in the city, had just witnessed the death to the nearest. 

This is not the first time that New York has seen this kind of incident. Over the last many years, people like this, somewhere not being mentally stable, kill people for their relief. It’s been so often that things like that don’t even shock us anymore. It’s sad, brutally sad. 

John Adam, who was just out in the streets, never thought that a madman would stab his chest and he would have to battle against his life and death. Lucky Enough to do all of this, the man survived by the medicals. 

In Manhattan, a brutal incident took place where a man stabbed almost 4 men and he was the luckiest among them to survive. 

Adam has been reported to be in an out of dangerous condition but his realization with the near death would always be remembered. 

The 24-year old young man had just received a shock when his chest was bleeding with pain. Never could in his life have thought that someone would randomly hit on him. He was a part-time worker, working in the bartending classes and studying. When asked about the incident, he said that he felt someone had punched hard in his chest. Still, with so much pain, he took a quick clench over the face of the men and then fell down with the immense pain.

Doctors have reported that Adam was just a few minutes away from dying. The right timing has helped the guy to survive and has saved his life.