Joan Templeman: Who is Billionaire Richard Branson’s Wife?

Joan templeman Richard branson wife

You already heard the name of Billionaire Richard Branson who is 71 years old and is the founder of Virgin Galactic. And here we will talk about his wife and her name is Joan Templeman and they both have been living together for more than 30 years.

I know you are searching to know the personal life of Joan Templeman or the wife of Richard then you can at the right place to know about its prior life, life with Richard Branson, who are their children and many more.

In this article we covered all things which you are finding about her, let’s start to know about Joan Templeman by starting who she is?

Who is the Wife of Richard Branson?

Richard Branson’s wife is Joan Templeman and she met Richard in the kitchen of Virgin studios and you can call her Lady Branson. When she first met Richard she was not impressed by him and she was already married at that time.

Joan templeman Richard branson wife

They both lived in a relationship of 10-11 years before getting into marriage in 1989. These both couples are strong and have two children who have already established their names at this time.

She is the pillar of her husband Richard Branson and they have been together for more than 30 years. His husband is so supportive and Richard also mentioned in Losing My Virginity, his autobiography that she is one and a good wife with the help of whom she is successful now.

Before becoming his wife she was just an ordinary woman and also did odd jobs to support her family and once she also worked as the nude model but besides this thing her relationship does not affect and become more strong and strong. Now Joan is a good mother, perfect life partner and a grandmother.

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Where Did Joan Templeman meet Richard the Billionaire?

She met Richard Branson when she was preparing tea in the kitchen of Virgin Records studio of the Manor and there they met each other for the first time.

But she was already married when she met Richard and didn’t get impressed at the same moment but Richard fell in love with Joan as she is different from other women and she didn’t fall in love with Richard due to his money but fell later on due to his simplicity and polite nature.

Richard did many things to impress Joan like buying things in bulk to see her at the store where she works and also bought land for her to impress her so she can accept his proposal.

Joan Templeman Before Marriage Life

She was born in Scotland, Glasgow in 1948 and she is the child of a ship carpenter and Joan grew up with other siblings. This lady was confident and talkative when she was young and focused on achieving her aims.

She also supported others and her fiance throughout her life and once she also do Nude modelling.

She met her ex-husband Ronnie Leahy in 1966 in Glasgow and meanwhile she became her fan of him and married but they got separated when she met his current husband Richard. She has no children from her ex-husband.

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What Can You Say About Joan and Richard Branson Relationship?

Joan templeman Richard branson wife

You all know that Richard, known as the Virgin Group of Companies founder, met his wife Joan at Virgin Records studio where he fell in love with her for the first at sight but the same is not true from the side of Joan at that time. She falls in love with Richard later on as Richard was in wrecked marital status with Kristen Tomassi who is the ex or the first wife of him.

Richard won the heart of Joan with the help of his simplicity and not with the million of dollars. As I already explained above he did many things to impress and propose to her so he can be noticed by her.

He also gifted 74 acre Necker Island as a gift in the Caribbean Coast to his wife but these things didn’t impress her. Because of Richard’s nature she fell in love with him and got separated from Ronnie in late 1978 to start a new life with Richard.

Who are the Children of Joan Templeman?

Joan templeman Richard branson wife

Joan was pregnant with Richard’s child before marriage when they were in a houseboat in London. But she lost her first premature girl Clare Sarah in the four days which made both of them upset but besides this they made their bond stronger.

After that Holly Branson was born in 1982 and three years later she gave birth to Sam Branson and their family was completed. After all this he married Joan in 1989 and her daughter played an important role in getting them married.

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Joan Branson Life After Marriage

Now rest of the things are in front of you and still they are happily married couples and he gave credits for his success in his life to his beautiful wife Joan Templeman who is 73 years old and he is 71 years.

I wish every couple is like this couple and makes their relationship bond stronger and stronger without affecting their current life due to their partner’s past and the most important thing is understanding between the two is two good.

Now she spends most of the time reading books and babysitting her grandchildren of both Holly and Sam.


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