Jessica Ditzel is the Joe Rogan Wife | Interesting Facts About Her!

Joe Rogan Wife

There are many who is searching for Joe Rogan’s Wife? Is Jessica Ditzel is the wife of Joe who is an American host at podcast and as the stand up comedian and a television star.

He started his career in 1988 and also starred in comedy series. Later on he started his own comedy special and it was I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday in the 2000 year.

Let’s know about Jessica Ditzel who is sometimes confused with other actress Jessica Schimmel as both of first name is Jessica and this is the reason which result in confusion when someone finds out Joe Rogan Wife.

Jessica Ditzel is the wife of Joe Rogan and here are interesting facts about her life.

Jessica Ditzel: About

Joe Rogan Wife

Jessica Ditzel or you can call her Jessica Rogan is a former model and she is 45 years old. She has 3 children and Jessica came in this beautiful world in 1975 in the family of Jeff Conrad Ditzel who is the musician.

From California State University she completed her undergraduate and had a relation with Keven Conner who is not live at this time as he had an accident on his way.

With Keven, Jessica had a daughter named Kayja Rose who is a singer and also released her song.

But in 2000 their relationship didn’t work and they Jessica got separated from her ex-boyfriend and works as a cocktail waitress in the bar when she met Joe Rogan for the first time.

There she met Joe and started her new relationship and after dating for 8 years they decided to marry each other in 2009. She is also signed by a Korean brand as a model.

In her life she worked as an account executive at Robert Half Technology in california. At Volvo Motorsports she worked as product analyst and for Rent A Car she worked as a management assistant.

When she met Joe in 2001 after breakup with Keven she worked as the Waitress and they didn’t disclose their relationship at that time in public.

After that breaking up with Jessica, Keven was in relationship with Teshya Rae Weisent and in the 2003 year when their were on their way the met with an accident as sports vehicle collided with their car which Teshya was driving and she declared dead at the same most and Keven was injured so much and while taking to the hospital he was also declared dead on the route to the hospital but the SUV vehicle ran out at the moment.

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When Jessica Ditzel Married Joe Rogan?

In 2008 both Jessica and Joe announced their engagement but married the following year, that is 2009.

Why All Are Confused between Jessica Rogan and Jessica Schimmel?

Jessica Ditzel and Jessica Schimmel

Most of the people confused between both of them as thinks that she is 1 person only but not the same. She is different from Jessica Schimmel who is the producer and gives best in The Simpsons 1989, Hollywood And Divine: Divine Beauty Secrets Revealed and Howard Stern on Demand like shows in 2005.

Due to their first name which is the same of both the ladies which result in confusion among people and fans sometimes but they are not the same person.

Jessica Ditzel Children

There are 3 children of Jessica, 2 from Joe and one from Keven. Joe Rogan is the stepfather of Kayja Rose who is 24 years old daughter of Jessica and is accepted in the family when Jessica Married to Joe.

The other 2 are Rosy and Lola who are 11 years and 13 years old respectively.

Jessica Ditzel Children

These are the real kids of Joe Rogan while Kayja Rose is adopted so she is the stepdaughter to Joe.

Kayja Rose is a singer and in 2017 she released her EP for the first time and it is Tipsy.

It could be said that her interest towards the music came from her late father Keven who is also his biological father.

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