Jennifer Aniston Calls David Schwimmer Dating Rumours Bizarre, Says ‘That’s My Brother’


Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, who played Rachel Green on the hit sitcom Friends, has shot down reports that she dated ex-co-star David Schwimmer.

 It would be wonderful if fans of the show could see this one day, Aniston knows. During the initial Friends filming, the two co-stars confessed that they had a crush on each other. According to the reports from August, they reconnected after the Friends Reunion. Schwimmer traveled to New York and Los Angeles to see Aniston, said the source.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Aniston, whose character dated Ross on Friends, said, “that was strange, thinking of that actually left me speechless. Are you kidding me? He’s my brother. I understand the situation, though. People are remarkably optimistic when it comes to fantasies, for hopes to come true.”

During the early days of Friends, both actors confessed to having a crush on their co-star. According to Schwimmer, ” he used to have a crush on Jennifer during the first season.” Aniston added, “I remember telling David, ‘It’s going to be so embarrassing if I kiss you on national television.'” You know how that goes.

David described the situation as “two ships passing.” They channeled all of their love and admiration into Ross and Rachel. He remembered, “Somewhere along the line, we both felt very strongly about each other.” It was like two ships passing because one of us was in a relationship. There was no crossing of that boundary for us. That is something we respect.”



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