Jeff Hardy Net Worth 2022: Salary, Earnings, and the Status of His Private Life


The high-flying moves and aggressive wrestling style of Jeff Hardy have made him famous. Let’s take a look at the former WWE Champion’s career, records, and other accomplishments in addition to his net worth.

Jeff Hardy has a net worth of between $12 million and $15 million as of the year 2022. He is now contracted with AEW, however, his income with the company is unknown. When he was under contract with WWE, his annual salary was reported as $2 million.

Early Life

Prior to officially joining the WWE, Jeff, along with his brother Matt and several of their other buddies, established their very own federation known as the Trampoline Wrestling Federation and OMEGA with Thomas Simpson.

At the beginning of his career in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Hardy was a jobber, which means he was a wrestler who consistently lost to make his opponents look stronger. Hardy is a huge fan of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior, and he looked to them as his inspiration.

On the 23rd of May, 1994, he debuted under the ring name Keith Davis and faced off against Razor Ramon for the first time. The WWF took notice of the Hardy brothers, and in 1998, they signed them to a contract. Dory Funk Jr. was the one who instructed them in the ring.

Due in large part to the fact that they competed in bouts involving Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, the stable Hardy brothers garnered a lot of recognition in the tag-team division. They became known as Team Xtreme once they added Lita to their roster, which contributed to their rise in popularity.


Even when he wrestled as a singles competitor, Hardy was successful. In 2008, he conquered the competition and went on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice. He also won the WWE Championship.

In addition to that, he has won the United States Championship three times, the Hardcore Championship twice, and the Intercontinental Championship five times. Jeff has won about 29 championships in a variety of different competitions.

Jeff is one of the wrestlers that takes the most risks, and he became popular thanks to the high-flying feats he performed from the top rope. In addition to that, his action matches in WWE are really breathtaking to watch.

World Wrestling Federation


The Hardy Boyz made an unexpected appearance at the WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view (PPV), when they competed in a ladder match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, Cesaro and Sheamus, and Enzo and Big Cass. They were inserted as last-minute competitors for the match. They triumphed not just in the game but also in the competition for the Raw Tag Team Title.

Hardy got into a fight with WWE at the beginning of 2022, which ultimately resulted in the company letting him go from their roster. At the moment, Jeff Hardy is under contract with AEW, and while there, he and his brother, Matt Hardy, frequently tag team.

Jeff partakes in motocross, music, and a variety of other artistic pursuits in his spare time. He is a part of the proxy? Gen organization. They collaborated on the autobiographical novel The Hardy Boyz, which became a bestseller on The New York Times Best Seller List.

Personal Life

On August 31, 1977, in the state of North Carolina, Jeff was born to parents Gilbert Hardy and Ruby Moore Hardy. At the age of 12, he bought his first bike, a Yamaha YZ-80, and began to pursue his love of motocross. He even plays football and has some musical training under his belt.

In 1999, Hardy first came into contact with Beth Britt while they were both patrons of a club in Southern Pines, North Carolina. On March 9, 2011, he tied the knot with Britt, and the couple now has two children named Ruby Claire and Near Quinn Hardy.


Jeff Hardy is an American wrestler who has an estimated net worth of $12 million. He is one of the most popular players in the WWE business, and he is also one of the most successful. As a result of his participation in WWE and other events, he was paid an annual salary of $2 million.


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