How Much is Javon Walton Worth? Why is He Known as Wanna?

javon walton net worth

Javon Walton is an American child actor and boxer. One of the best multi-talented young stars in the United States, he gained fame in the entertainment industry at a young age.

Javon has been putting in a lot of hard work over the past few years in order to qualify for the Paris Olympics in 2024, where he hopes to compete in both boxing and gymnastics. In addition to being a professional boxer, he also managed to catch the eye of Hollywood casting directors and make appearances in television shows and movies.

The role of Ashtray in the popular HBO teen drama TV series Euphoria is what made Javon Walton famous. His first real role was in this series, and since then, he has appeared in a number of other movies and television shows.

Let’s quickly go over Javon Walton’s total net worth, salary, sources of income, career, biography, luxury lifestyle, and much more.

Quick info About Javon Walton

Net Worth: $2 Million
Name: Javon Walton
Date of Birth: July 22, 2006
Age: 16 Yrs
Gender: Male
American actor
Nationality: American

Early Life:

Javon Walton, now 16 years old, was born on July 22, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Javon shared his upbringing with his identical twin Jaden Walton, his younger brother Daelo Walton, and his older sister Jayla Cookie Walton.

javon walton net worth

His father DJ is a boxing coach who once held the position of vice president of USA Boxing for five years and currently runs his own gym in Georgia called Onward. Javon added that one of the biggest influences on his approach to boxing has been his father.

Net Worth

The famous American actor “Javon Walton” is worth $2 Million. Several websites, like Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, say that the most famous American actor, Javon Walton, is worth about $2 million.

We’ve already talked about how much Javon Walton is worth: $2 million. Most of Javon Walton’s money has come from his roles in shows on HBO and Netflix.

He was paid almost $20,000 for each episode of the HBO show Euphoria in which he was a guest star. He was getting paid $ 50,000 for each episode of the Netflix show Umbrella Academy that he was in.

His management team says that for each episode of the next season of Umbrella Academy, he will get $70,000.


Javon had achieved junior Olympic boxing qualification by the time he was eight years old. He became the first child in Georgia history to hold State Championship titles in both boxing and gymnastics when he was 11 years old.

Javon was one of only four American children to be ranked as Elite in Trampoline and Tumbling by USA Gymnastics by the time he participated in the National tournament at the age of 12 years old.

Javon Walton set the 2024 Olympics as his end goal because he anticipated being around 18 years old at that time and being of legal age to compete in boxing.

To achieve this, Javon and his father DJ must train more and more diligently each year, spending nearly every weekend traveling to boxing competitions across the nation so that Javon could gain more experience.

Javon Walton accepted an invitation to appear on Steve Harvey’s show in October 2017 and displayed his boxing prowess before doing a handstand on the host’s desk. Six months later, Javon had the chance to see legendary Dwayne Johnson in an upcoming Under Armour commercial.

Javon Walton’s Movies and Tv Shows

Walton started acting in 2019 when he was cast as Ashtray in the hit HBO show Euphoria. The show’s producers found out about him when he was a guest on Steve Harvey’s show, Steve, where he showed off his amazing boxing skills.

javon walton net worth

In the Amazon Prime Video streaming series Utopia, which came out in 2020, Javon played the role of Grant Bishop. In the animated comedy movie The Addams Family 2, which came out in 2021, Javon played Pugsley Addams.

In 2022, he played a lead role in the Netflix superhero TV show The Umbrella Academy. He is likely to play Sam Clearly in the thriller film Samaritan.

Why is Javon Walton So Famous?

Walton has been boxing since he was four years old. He has been the Georgia State Champion five times and the USA Boxing South East Regional Champion four times.

In gymnastics, the athlete/actor also has some very impressive titles. Walton was the youngest player to sign with Brand Jordan in 2022.

Why is Javon known as Wanna?

Walton talked about how he got his nickname in an interview in March 2022. He said,

Wanna, it came about when I was tiny. I was always like, ‘I wanna do this; I wanna do that. And my parents said that they never set limitations on me, so it was like, I want to be a man, and then it developed into Wanna, which has been my nickname ever since.

Final Words

Javon Walton is an American child actor and boxer who gained fame in the entertainment industry at a young age. He is worth $2 million due to his roles in HBO and Netflix shows.

Javon Walton achieved junior Olympic boxing qualification, held State Championship titles, and set the 2024 Olympics as his end goal. Javon Walton is a famous boxer/actor who has been featured in TV shows, movies, and films and is known as Wanna.

We discussed Javon Walton’s net worth above. I hope you understand the above information about your favorite person.

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