The Story of Jasha Lottin, Who Posed Naked Inside a Dead Horse, Has Terrified Tiktok!

Jasha Lottin

Users of TikTok have expressed their shock and disgust at the resurfacing of the story of Jasha Lottin, who, according to HuffPost, posed inside of a dead horse.

In 2011, Jasha Lottin and her lover John Frost came to the attention of people all around the country when online stories about their deceased horse were published for the first time.

After eleven years, their tale is now receiving attention on TikTok as a result of videos that are trending.

Jasha Lottin and Dead Horse Story Explained

In 2011, users of the internet were shocked after discovering graphic photographs of a naked woman inside of a dead horse. According to a previous article published by HuffPost, Jasha Lottin and her partner John Frost had their 32-year-old horse put down owing to the horse’s declining health.

According to the news source, the pair killed the animal and removed its organs, but their subsequent choice would determine how their story would be covered in headlines throughout the internet.

Jasha disrobed completely, went inside the corpse of the horse, and posed for photographs in order to prevent the images from being posted on the internet.

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The images that went viral are far too disturbing to display here; nonetheless, a lot of people were upset about them at the time and warned others not to look up Jasha’s name on the internet because of them.

Pictures Led to Police Investigation

The story of Jasha and John that went viral sparked suspicions of animal mistreatment, which led to a police investigation. According to a report that was received by HuffPost from the local police department, the authorities decided not to press charges against the couple since their behaviors were not considered to be criminal in the state of Oregon.

Jasha Lottin

According to Sergeant Dave Thompson of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, “the fact that this woman crawled into the horse between killing and eating does not constitute a crime.” This statement was given to the media.

“We would have had a case for animal cruelty if they had murdered the horse only for the purpose of shooting the images, but they didn’t do that.”

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In addition, the publication stated After their story gained prominence around the country and they got death threats, both Jasha and John departed the state of Oregon.

Tiktok Users Horrified by Images

The narrative of Jasha is one that is told again and again on social media platforms, which is why it is trending on TikTok at the moment. If you are someone who is easily upset by graphic material, it is strongly recommended that you do not look up the story, and if you are one of those people, you should also avoid searching for the photographs.

  • “Omg, never again, I think I’m gonna puke,” reacted one TikTok user under a video.
  •  “Can’t sleep because it was so cringe.”
  •  “I just Googled them and I think my eyes just vomited.”