Who is Jamie Foxx Dating? His Dating Timeline Explained!

jamie foxx dating

Eric Marlon Bishop or you can call him Jamie Foxx whom he is dating now? Who are the exes of Jamie Foxx and what comes in your mind about this American comedian and actor who last broke up with Katie Holmes.

Has he dated other famous ladies? Yes, an American actor Jamie who is 53 year old dated many ladies in his past and some dating rumours also come about him. Why didn’t he marry Katie, is he a married man?

No Jamie Foxx is single and famous personality who dated many women and also in the news for dating rumours but he is not married.

I know you are here to know whom he is dating currently is he with Dana or Sela?

Let’s know about him more while reading the blog till the end.

The fans who know about Jamie Foxx and wanted to came here to know about his personal life who is he dating, the first lady name comes in your mind is Katie Holmes.

Am I true as if we think of his love life them Katie Holmes name comes first as they both are highly profiled couple who dated each other for 6 years after breaking up.

Jamie Foxx is even private about his relationship but it was known to everyone that he was dating Katie Foxx and then the rumour or news break that Jamie was holding another lady hand in public in 2019 when their breakup news started.

jamie foxx dating

Now the Question arises who is in the life of Jamie Foxx Currently? Is he with singer Sela Vave or Dana?

Jamie Foxx Current Girlfriend or Whom He Is Dating?

After the broke up with his ex-girlfriend he was spotted with Dana Caprio.

They both are also spotted together in Beverly Hill at Mr Chow. there are guesses that he is dating Dana as he also liked his bikini photo in July 2019 on Instagram.

There are around 9 million followers of Jamie but he Dana is one of them he follows and he was also big fan of her and most of the time he spent with Dana after his breakup with Katie.

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Why Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Broke Up?

jamie foxx dating

They both were good couple and spend their life together for 6 years before separating from each other and they keep their love life informal.

It was heard that in 2019 they had to meet but cancelled their plans and ended their romance or relationship in May 2019.

It was heard that Katie cancelled the plan 2 hours prior to her flight but it was not same from the Katie’s side as from her side it came to in hear that he did something wrong at the last minute due to which he cancelled his own plan and didn’t sit on the plane”.

After Met Gala Debut they both changed their ways and didn’t spotted together after 2019.

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Reason behind Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes break up

Is Jamie and Sela Vave a Couple?

No, officially they didn’t announce themselves as the couple but they both shared a close bond with each other and he also is the mentor of Sela Vave. Even pictures of both were also posted on Instagram and they were in Disneyland at that time and she didn’t shy while posting her photo with him on instagram while they were in Disneyland tour with other friends.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sela Vave (@selavave)

Sela posted her photo with him and wrote “I am so grateful to this man! Thank you so much @iamjamiefoxx for everything you do and for believing in me. #feelingblessed 🙏🏽”

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Jamie Foxx is not a married man and he dated many women and Katie Holmes is her ex-girlfriend and Sela is his close friend while it is assumed by all the facts that he is to get close with Dana.


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