Jamal Murray Girlfriend: Who is NBL Start Dating Now?

jamal murray girlfriend harpel

Who is the girlfriend of Jamal Murray? Is Harpel Hampel still a current girlfriend of Jamal, a Basketball player. He is always in the news as he is a player of the Denver Nuggets. In 2016 he joined the Denver Nuggets and till that time he is quite popular in the news.

Is he still with Harpel Hampel after their intimate video leaked on the internet from Jamal’s Account.

Who is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend?

jamal murray girlfriend harpel

Harpel Hampel is the girlfriend of Jamal Murray and she is the photographer and the social media manager. Harpel was born in Kentucky, USA. The love life between them started in high school where he plays for the basketball team and she plays Volleyball during their college.

Before their private video leaked it was unknown who is the girlfriend of Jamal Murray but after that incident it was known by everyone and recognized on the internet that she is the girlfriend of Jamal Murray.

She met Jamal when they both were in Kentucky University in 2015 and both of them were involved in their sports.

Now, the current topic on the internet is who Jamal is dating and will they still be together after such a negative incident happened in their lives.

We all know that he is quiet when the media talks about his relationship with Harpel but is louder when he has to speak about his career and his team. Let’s see if they are separated or still together.

Love for basketball came from his father’s encouragement and he also made his family proud but why does he keep his relationship under the wraps with his girlfriend.

It was said by Jamal that his instagram account was hacked in March 2020 and the hacker leaked their private video which became the hot topic of discuss about their relationship as it already posted on the social media but he deleted this bad video quickly unfortunately the video is watched by many viewers and his fans which result in negative comments and reviews.

After the deletion of their personal video Jamal apologized to his fans and also asked them if they have video plz delete it as his account was hacked. Meanwhile, a plea from the side of Harper also came to delete the video.

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Are Jamal And Harper Still Together?

jamal murray girlfriend harpel

After this incident they even got their fans support and they also deleted their social media accounts from everywhere due to negative influence which was affecting their reputations. After this incident they were asked many times by the media about their relationship status but they remained quiet and didn’t want to disclose more and even felt guilty for the last year incident.

Till this time they didn’t disclose their relationship in public whether they are separated or still together. And it was only assumed that they are still together by some of the fans and some assume that they broke up after the leak of a video on the internet as in her post Jamal’s name is not mentioned in any ways.

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Currently they both are focused on their careers after an incident occurs which leads both of their reputation to negative. So they are now more focused on their relations and Jamal chooses to remain silent when he was asked about his girlfriend. And yet it is not clear about their relationship as they both didn’t disclose anything to the social media about them.


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