Isabella Guzman: Why Did She Get Viral On Social Media?

Isabella Guzman

Isabella Guzman is a Colorado native. In 2013, she was sentenced to 150 years in jail for the murder of her mother. She was only 18 years old at the time. Her TikTok video became viral recently, attracting the attention of a significant number of people.

Some even believed she was innocent and deserved to be found not guilty. Many people admired her ‘aesthetic face’ and ‘beautiful looks.’

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What Motivated Her to Murder Her Mother?

Isabella Guzman

Isabella, who made news of the incident, allegedly slashed her mother 79 times. The woman suffered more than 151 gashes on her body, according to a closer assessment. Isabella was discovered to be unlike other children her age in a number of ways.

She never seemed happy or interested in playing games or spending time with her family. They realized that she abhorred her mother and had a deep hate for her. Isabella’s childhood ambitions were out of reach due to their financial predicament.

This could lead to a family feud. Isabella’s parents, on the other hand, anticipated that as she grew older, she would gain a greater understanding of their financial circumstances.

Isabella moved in with her mother after her father abandoned them. When her mother met Richard, a new boyfriend, things got even worse. Isabella was furious that her father had been replaced, which added to the stress and squabbles. Isabella confronted her mother, threatening to make her pay for how she had been treated.

Was She Suffering From Some Sort of Mental Illness?

Isabella told the cops that she was being directed by a voice in her brain. This is one of the most visible symptoms of Schizophrenia. She claimed that the voices advised her that killing her mother was necessary to save the world.

Isabella Guzman

A doctor had advised her about Schizophrenia and declared it in Arapahoe County Court. She has been battling with high levels of Schizophrenic ideas for many years, according to the doctor.

Based on the testimony, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. When she was 18 years old, she was sent to the Pueblo Mental Health Institute.

Why Did Isabella Become a Social Media Sensation?

On Instagram, clips of young suspect criminals and killers appear in popular songs, piquing interest in their backstories. Isabella nodded and grimaced as she sat down and stared at the camera as she entered the courtroom.

Isabella Guzman

With millions of views on YouTube, this film rapidly became a smash. Despite this, viral footage of criminal suspects has before gone viral. The video of a “handsome” young guy receiving a 24-year sentence for driving his Ford Mustang into a mother and her baby while speeding went viral.

According to reports, Herrin was chasing his pal at speeds of around 100 miles per hour. There were appeals for harsher punishment, but the judge settled on a term of 24 years in prison. Herrin’s reaction to the ruling went viral on Tiktok and other social media platforms.

Is Isabella’s Schizophrenia Still Present?

Isabella has spent over seven years in a mental health facility owing to her bipolar disease, and she has wished to leave and rejoin society since the year 2020.

Isabella said she was not herself at the time of the incident and has since been returned to full health, according to her statement to CBS4, who interviewed her by computer video in the facility.

During the conversation, she also talked about her past and family. “My relatives abused me for many years at home,” she stated. I quit my parents’ Jehovah’s Witness beliefs when I was 14, and the violence at home only got worse.


Isabella Guzman stabbed her mother, Yun-Mi Hoy, 31 times in the face and 48 times in the neck in late August 2013. Hoy had reported her daughter’s actions to the police because she was concerned for her safety.

Police warned her that if she didn’t settle down, her mother would evict her. Isabela carried out her threats later that day by murdering her.

Guzman was universally condemned for the heinous murder. Her conduct in court further added to the public’s negative impression of the 18-year-old.

Isabella committed the murders because she was mentally sick, according to the investigation. The court ruled her not guilty due to insanity and committed her to treatment at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo.


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