Is that Cara Delevigne in Amber Heard’s compromising photos?


The internet has once again highlighted the notorious elevator that is widely believed to have contributed to Amber Heard’s failure to prevail in her case against Johnny Depp. The elevator in question is the same one referred to as the ECB elevator, in which Amber Heard was videotaped along with Elon Musk and James Franco. Amber Heard has been caught on camera making out with an unidentified woman this time.

When we examine the evidence that is related to Popcorned Planet, however, it is not difficult for us to identify the woman who is plainly making out with Amber Heard. That woman’s eyebrows are famous all over the world, and she appears to be none other than Cara Delevigne based on her appearance. The same woman who was rumored to have had a three-some with Amber Heard and Elon Musk, although both of those rumors were rejected by all three parties.

Was there ever a romance between Cara and Amber?

At the beginning of Amber Heard’s first trial, which took place in the United Kingdom, one of the actress’s so-called “friends” did admit in front of the judge and jury that Heard had cheated on Johnny Depp with Cara Delevigne. Up until today, there was no evidence that was made available to the public on this matter. Andy Signore, who works in the film industry, is a journalist who published these images online. He appears to be the first person to get his hands on them, and they expose a lot of information.

Andy questioned a woman who resided in the same building as the films that featured Musk and Franco on the elevator to ascertain whether or not it was the same elevator. She confirmed that it was. That woman also stated that the woman unquestionably resembles Cara, however, Signore did not provide any information regarding the time frame of the photographs.

Amber Heard has been caught in the act once more

It should come as no surprise that these pictures will be all over the internet for the rest of the week; Amber Heard has been caught in the act once more. She is trying to keep the topic going by participating in interviews and signing a new book deal, but there is more and more evidence that she is cheating. The photographs speak for themselves, despite the fact that the station has not confirmed that Cara Delevigne is the second woman.

There are also rumors of another film taken in the same elevator with Heard, Cara, and Musk, but it will be impossible to obtain those videos. You will be the first to know about those if we are ever able to get our hands on them.

Amber and Cara’s leaked Picture in Elevator

For the time being, all we are able to do is present you with these pictures of Amber and a woman that resembles Cara Delevigne in some respects. Make your own determination.

A woman who formerly resided in the same building as Elon Musk and James Franco provided confirmation that the elevator in question is the exact one seen in the videos. This woman also confirmed that the other woman appears to be Cara Delevigne; however, the photographs do not have a specific time frame.


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