Update on the Relationship Status of Robyn and Juan!


Who is Juan?

Juan Dixon, born on October 9, 1978, is the current head basketball coach of Baltimore’s Coppin State University. Dixon was named Most Valuable Player at 2002 Final Four after he guided the University of Maryland Terrapins to their first NCAA championship.

Who is Robyn?

Robyn Dixon is a great Baltimore native who was born on March 31st, 1979. She has been 43 years old and is famous for her role in “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Dixon is well-known for her roles as both an event manager and an actress in films like “Wolf Creek 2” and “Never Fall in Love.” She and her ex-husband, Juan Dixon, a professional basketball player, had a rocky marriage that ended in divorce in 2012. On the other hand, they went ahead and were married again in 2019 without anyone knowing.

Robyn and Juan Dixon’s RHOP Journey

Robyn Bragg and Juan Dixon met in high school and instantly fell in love. In 1996, while playing on opposing basketball teams, they allegedly met. Robyn became aware that Juan was staring at her when their gazes met. As she put it, “It got to the point where he just kept staring at me and not saying anything.” Robyn waited for Juan outside of his locker room, and Juan, like something out of a teen rom-com, approached her with a corny pickup line. “He retreated and asked, ‘Hey, don’t I know you?’ And, “it was so corny,” she remarked.

After following their paths, the high school sweethearts-turned-live-in lovers finally married the marriage in July 2005. Within three years of getting married, they started a family with Corey, now 14, and Carter, now 12. Despite their seemingly ideal family life, tragedy struck in 2012 when it was revealed that the former professional football player had been unfaithful to Robyn for years with a lady named Cris Sanchez. For the sake of their children and their financial stability, they decided to remain a couple and make things work.

According to an interview Robyn gave to The Daily Dish in 2017, “We function as a family. We’re there for each other emotionally, but romantically, we’re not quite there yet. However, we do make an effort to be together. Just as our children are our top priority, so too are we focused on providing for their every need. But as a unit, we’re able to carry on as a family. However, we are fully aware that any sort of meaningful personal or romantic connection is severely absent.

Are Robyn and Juan Dixon Still Together?

The words of Robyn Dixon could not have been more accurate. In a proposal dated December 13, 2019, Juan Dixon suggested they resume their dormant romance. Season 5 ended with their engagement. Their unique relationship is reflected in the unconventional engagement ring that the former NBA player and current head basketball coach for Coppin State University gave to the “RHOP” star. The ring features an emerald-cut pink morganite in the center and a double diamond halo around it.
Robyn’s Instagram post beautifully summarised where things stand between them right now. She declared, “I’m in an unconventional relationship, so naturally I want an unconventional ring!” A small bird warned Juan that I didn’t want a diamond ring if he ever proposed to me, which didn’t go over so well the first time around. I was drawn to the Pink Morganite because I was searching for an object endowed with deep meaning. Morganite is a stone of unrequited love, and that’s exactly what we have in our relationship. Robyn further disclosed the underlying impetus for their reunion.

After suffering a significant financial setback in 2012, the couple came dangerously close to bankruptcy. Robyn stated that financial considerations led them to decide to share a roof. If she and Juan weren’t poor and on the show, she told People in 2022, “I will be honest, we definitely would not be together now.” Her explanation was as follows: “I say that because having to come together when you’re financially struggling and having to support one another for the sake of your kids, it was more so we wanted each other to go to a better position because we have children.”

A marriage license issued to the attractive couple in August 2022 will expire in February 2023. They found a place to live together in the new house. We have no idea when the happy couple will finally exchange their vows, but we can assume that they are already well into the preparation stages, so we may hear wedding bells in the coming months.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Juan and Robyn currently married?

In the last minutes of the seventh season finale, cameras captured Robyn and Juan’s private wedding at The Bayfront Club in Edgemere, Maryland, on August 24, 2022. Corey, age 14, and Carter, age 12, were present. Originally, the couple intended to marry in Jamaica on their July 2017 vacation.

Did Robyn and Juan get back together?

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon are now again legally married! People have learned exclusively that the Real Housewives of Potomac star, 43, and the former NBA player, 44, who share boys Corey, 14, and Carter, 13, have remarried.

What is Robyn Dixon famous for?

Robyn Dixon was born in Maryland on March 31, 1979. She is noted for her roles in Wolf Creek 2 (2013), Never Fall in Love (2017), and The Real Housewives of Potomac (2017). (2016). She was married to Juan Dixon on August 24, 2022. The couple has two children.