Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown Still Together?

Is Molly and Kelly Still Together

“90 Day Fiancé” on TLC focuses on cross-border relationships in which an American citizen is engaged with a foreigner. With the K-1 visa only allowing foreign nationals 90 days to marry on American soil, most couples have limited time to resolve their differences. It is fascinating to observe couples navigating turbulent waters for the sake of their love.

What Happened Between 90-day Fiancé Star Molly & Boyfriend Kelly?

After the news of Molly and Cynthia’s breakup spread like wildfire, many fans suspected that Kelly was to blame. Cynthia, however, stated that Kelly was not to blame. During the heated discussion, the Instagram user @merrypants reported that the relationship between Molly and Kelly has ended. Kelly created a new Instagram account during the same week that Molly and Cynthia separated, claiming that his original account had been hacked.

Is Molly and Kelly Still Together

Fans observed that 90 Day Fiancé couple Molly and Kelly were not following each other when he was the account’s administrator. Despite Kelly’s new Instagram profile, they are still not following one another.

Furthermore, on December 23, the 90 Day Fiancé news account 90dayfianceupdate posted, “Molly and Kelly have separated.” They confirmed that “Cynthia was NOT the reason” for Molly and Kelly’s breakup and added @merrypants’ claim that Kelly is unaware of the specifics of Molly and Cynthia’s split. The post claims that Kelly and Cynthia only met a few times and that Molly’s daughter Olivia Hopkins allegedly “came between the couple,” causing them to break up.

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In addition, Kelly’s new Instagram account contains stories that appear passive-aggressive and hint at a troubled relationship. Some of 90 Day Fiancé star Kelly’s anecdotes include quotes about “self-absorbed people” and how “red flags are just flags” when one is wearing rose-colored glasses. Neither Molly nor Kelly have directly addressed the rumored separation. Molly’s disclosure to InTouch regarding her Christmas plans for 2022 is, however, peculiar.

Molly planned to spend time with her daughters and visit a domestic violence shelter for women in Atlanta, where she would deliver gifts for the children of residents and new underwear for the women. Given that it would have been their first Christmas together since the 90 Day Fiancé star Kelly relocated to Molly’s state, it does seem strange that Molly did not mention Kelly.

Molly and Kelly’s 90 Day: The Journey of Single Life

Molly Hopkins introduced Kelly Brown early in the first season of ’90 Day: The Single Life’ and informed the audience that the Brooklyn-based police officer reached out to her via Instagram after following her on ’90 Day Fiancé’ Molly’s initial run on the main show was initially successful, and she even married her Dominican boyfriend Luis Mendez.

Is Molly and Kelly Still Together

However, after approximately six months, their marriage ended in divorce because their relationship was irreparably damaged “without any hope of reconciliation.”

Consequently, Molly found herself once again single. Then, Kelly reached out to her, and the two realized they shared similar interests. Molly was eager to meet the man who had captured her attention, so she traveled to Brooklyn without delay. They began dating and were overjoyed to have discovered each other. Kelly also traveled to Woodstock, Georgia, Molly’s hometown, where he connected with her loved ones.

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In contrast to Molly’s ex-husband, Kelly became fast friends with Molly’s daughters, who approved of her new boyfriend. When Molly’s old trust issues and phobias resurfaced, however, their relationship soon encountered difficulty. She had endured a great deal with her ex-husband and overcome a great deal of trauma from her past. When she learned about Kelly’s ex-girlfriend and discovered that she has a child, her old fears returned to haunt her.

Molly was initially concerned that Kelly might be the child’s father, but her boyfriend quickly reassured her, promising to treat her better than her ex. Kelly even confirmed that he was not the father of the child, but he expressed a desire to have children with Molly. However, Molly explained to him that she was not looking forward to having children, and the couple appeared to reach an agreement.

Did 90-Day Fiance’s Molly and Kelly Split?

However, after Molly’s fallout with best friend Cynthia Decker in November 2022, fans believe the business owner may have also parted ways with Kelly.

Is Molly and Kelly Still Together

After Kelly unfollowed Molly on Instagram one month later, rumors of a breakup began to circulate. According to screenshots reposted by the blogger Merry Pants, Kelly posted several cryptic messages regarding “toxic” relationships.

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“There is a difference between settling and prioritizing in relationships when it comes to wants and needs,” the quote stated. Accepting 20% when 80% is available is to settle.

In contrast, another quote stated, “Giving 100 percent in relationships is unrealistic because it leads to expecting perfection from an imperfect person.”

Fans of TLC also observed that the couple spent the holidays of 2022 apart. Molly spent the holiday with her daughters, while Kelly celebrated with his own family.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Kelly and Molly Still Together in 2023?

After the news of Molly and Cynthia’s breakup spread like wildfire, many fans suspected that Kelly was to blame. Cynthia, however, stated that Kelly was not to blame. During the heated discussion, the Instagram user @merrypants reported that the relationship between Molly and Kelly has ended.

How Did Molly and Kelly Meet?

Season 1 of the spinoff, which premiered in February 2021, opened with Molly introducing fans to her new boyfriend, Kelly. She explained that she met the Brooklyn native via Instagram direct message.

How Much Has Molly Lost Weight?

Over the years, the popular reality star has drastically altered her appearance by shedding over 30 pounds with the help of a plant-based diet and weight loss supplements.

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