Are Mitch and Tina Still Together in Real life? Know Full Information

Are Mitch and Tina Still Together

Well, in terms of entertainment, Love Island never fails to provide, and neither does the show’s sexy, plot-twisty love stories. The third season of Love Island in Australia features a similar situation for Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis. Numerous people are probably asking if Tina and Mitch are still together at this point. Because of this, we’ve assembled this FAQ to answer any concerns. So, please read this full article.

Many supporters cheered for this pair because they saw their path as an emotional roller coaster. In the end, though, they came out on top and that’s what matters.

In the beginning, fans had unrealistically high expectations, and now, like with any partnership, they’re wondering if the two are still together. Is there hope for their friendship to continue after the show’s conclusion?

Is it still a thing between Tina and Mitch? Here, in this piece.

Who is Mitch?

Mitch Hibberd, a 25-year-old AFL football player from Melbourne, competed in the fourth season of Love Island Australia.

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Are Mitch and Tina Still Together

Who is Tina?

Sydney native and 26-year-old public relations consultant Tina Provis appeared on the fourth season of Love Island Australia.

Full Name                                                     Tina Provis
Birth Place Sydney
Nationality Australian
Occupation PR Consultant
Gender  Female
Age 26
Season S4 (AU)
05/17-(With Mitch Hibberd)

Mitch and Tina’s Love Island Journey

Melbourne native and professional football player Mitch Hibberd and his PR consultant wife Tina from Sydney made it to the competition. It wasn’t long before sparks flew between them, despite their radically different upbringings. They went off and did their own thing at first, but they couldn’t deny the attraction between them and kept coming back. One of the contestants, Emily Ward, got a little too close to Mitch, and that caused tension between Mitch and Tina.

Is Mitch and Tina Still Together

When Mitch finally settled on Tina, though, life returned to normal, and the two were inseparable until the end. Since they were so close, they talked about practically everything, from their families to the challenges of raising children and canine companions alike. Tina was completely smitten when Mitch asked her to be his “first-ever girlfriend” on their last date. Fans cared about this relationship as events developed and kept hoping they would end up together. And they even named the ship “Titch.”

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Fans were reminded of the couple in season 4‘s “Ex-week,” even though they had split in February 2022. Neither of them, however, was aware that their former partner would also be appearing. Tina expressed her unease at the sight of Mitch with other women. Their arrival at the villa was met with nothing but heartbreak talk for the first few days. They broke up last season, only to get back together this season, but are they still together now?

Are Tina and Mitch Still Together?

Mitch and Tina have broken up several times, and it’s getting sad to watch them go their separate ways each time. After winning Love Island Australia in 2021 and being together for a short time, the couple split up in February 2022.

When the two of them disappeared from social media and their relationship wasn’t mentioned, their admirers became concerned. And then, after much stillness, Tina decided to break the news to their followers that they had decided to part ways.

Are Mitch and Tina Still Together

Tina wrote on her Instagram stories about how she was finding it difficult to deal with her feelings and how she’d prefer to handle the situation discreetly but had already made her life public.

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Tina explained, “It’s with a very sad, heavy heart that I tell you folks, Mitch and I are no longer together. I am still trying to make sense of what happened as I tell you this news. We both realized that this wasn’t meant to be, and we’ve concluded that breaking up is for the best.

She mentioned the inconvenient scheduling, the misalignment of events, and the need for space between them. An hour after the separation, Mitch wrote, “Out of respect, I would like to let you know that Tina and I have decided to stop our relationship.”

Frequently Asked Questions…

Why Did Mitch and Tina Break Up?

Tina revealed that Mitch instigated the breakup by saying, “Towards the end, Mitch made it clear that he was not in a position to be a suitable partner in a relationship, and I agreed and told him I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with him either.”

Is Tina Still Dating Mitch?

Tina and Mitch acknowledged to Entertainment that their relationship ended in the weeks following their departure from The Bachelor. Both stated that they have no regrets during their reunion on the show, but that they are better off as friends.

Did Mitch Cheat on Tina?

Tina Provis of Love Island Australia says that Mitch Hibberd dated Emily Ward after their breakup.

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